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Getting Healthy

I am on a path to a healthy life style and while not completely there, I’m working through it slowly but surely.  For me, this means cutting out my sugary sodas and substituting with water and tea.  It also means cooking at home more and eating high protein, low carb, no sugar foods that follow the HCG protocol.  I will be updating from time to time with photos of my weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss Done Naturally

As we go through life, we all find that there are various strains and stresses put on us for a whole range of reasons. We all react differently when life gets tough, but for some of us, it can often lead to gaining weight. Of course, stress isn’t the only cause of fluctuations in our […]

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Fit and Fabulous Over 40: The Fitness Tips To Help

If you’ve hit the ripe old age of forty, then you might be concerned that you’re now technically classed as ‘mid-life’. You might resign yourself to the fact that you a middle-aged ‘spread’ around your waist is normal, and that you’re only as young as you think you are. While the latter is very true, […]

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Walmart Makes Weight Watchers Meal Planning Easier

This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. If you’re like me, you like to plan your meals at least a couple of day in advance. I start with a couple of ingredients like lunch meat or […]

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Thinking about trying the Keto Diet? Try these 31 Days of Keto Recipes!

Starting a Keto diet can be challenging, especially if you feel like you need to overhaul your recipes. All of your old favorites now need to be replaced, and you have a very limited selection of ideas to make each day. This post is going to help you not only find something new and delicious […]

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Weird Ways You Can Drop Those Extra Pounds

Are you trying to lose weight? It can be a struggle, can’t it. You might find that exercising isn’t as helpful as you hoped it would be and that diet just doesn’t seem to be that effective. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might want to look at some of the weird and more […]

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14 Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes

Deviled eggs have always been a favorite with my family.  Whether it’s for a holiday like Easter or 4th of July or just Sunday dinner at my mom’s house.  Plus, they are a crowd pleasing party snack for events like Super Bowl, New Years Eve, and picnics. Deviled eggs are a really great food for […]

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Top 5 Myths About Low Carb Diets

Top 5 Myths About Low Carb Diets When it comes to weight loss, there are several diets making the rounds. Some of them may be effective and some of them not. And then there’s low carb diet- probably the most popular weight loss diet plans that are implemented by people looking to get back in […]

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10 Healthy Paleo Dinners

Keto and Paleo are two of the biggest trends in weight loss right now, so I’ve put together a list of 10 Healthy Paleo Dinners to get you eating like a caveman(or woman).  If you’re not familiar with the Paleo Diet, it’s pretty easy to follow:  No wheat, grains, sugar, soy, milk, cheese, cream, peanuts, […]

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Nine Super-Useful Tips to Help Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Low-Key Low-Carb

Nine Super-Useful Tips to Help Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Low-Key Low-Carb Kids. Love. Carbs. If you’ve ever tried to onboard your family to a low-carb plan after eating a more traditional Western diet, you already know that just about every meal that is a meal to kids is loaded with carbs. I’ve put together […]

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Signs that Your Body Is Unhealthy

If you know that you don’t take very good care of your body the you are probably thinking that you will make a change next week, or even next month. Before you know it, the whole thing gets out of hand and you never end up making the changes that you need. If you suspect […]

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Health & Safety Concerns That Impact Every Industry & Each Employee

Life is busy, that’s a given but that doesn’t mean failing to make your health a priority, or at least, it shouldn’t do. Whatever industry you work in, whether you work for a large corporation, a small startup or run a business of your own, it’s crucial that you take health and safety seriously. Although […]

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Healthier Alternatives To Negative Lifestyle Habits

Our lives are comprised of many different habits. They give us direction, however these directions can point towards good or bad circumstances. People think of habits as a collection of vices, but it’s really almost everything you do. It might be how you greet your neighbor in the morning, or how you greet your spouse […]

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The Real Intelligence Of The Healthy Person

Making the decision to stay your healthiest self is an intelligent choice. We likely needn’t explain to you why this is. However, as you do get fit (which you can do by reading some of our articles here,) you will likely notice that the parameters of your health begin to change. One of these parameters […]

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4 Ways To Help You Beat Anxiety Right Now

In the busy lives that we lead, we can often get a little caught up in our ‘to do’ lists and all of the things that we need to get done. But if we don’t find time for ourselves, our wellbeing and overall health can really suffer. In particular, one thing that you might be […]

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13 Types of Self Sabotage and How to Stop Them

When we reach a certain age, some of our habits become hard to change. If they are helping us achieve our goals, it is all fine. However, some of us are guilty of self-sabotage actions that we do regularly to hinder our chance for success and self-love. If you have been struggling to overcome difficulties […]

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Tired Of Being Tired? 4 Simple Strategies To Banish Insomnia Forever

Everyone has found themselves wide awake at 3 am in the morning. It’s still pitch black outside, the birds haven’t sprung into their morning chorus yet, and everyone else in your household is enjoying their trip to the Land of Nod. So why is it that you find yourself tossing and turning, fidgeting in your […]

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Refresh Your Shower Routine With Softsoap Pure Zen and Hydra Bliss

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Softsoap Pure Zen and Softsoap Hydra Bliss Body Wash.  Living in Florida, my skin tends to get overly dry so  Hydra Bliss’s new hydrating formula seemed like the perfect fit.  Softsoap Hydra Bliss helps retain my skin’s natural moisture while the soothing aromas of Pure Zen […]

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More Than Mornings: What Can Coffee Do For You?

  The natural world is an amazing thing. Producing an array of interesting animals and plants, from those the size of buildings to examples which you can barely even see, and they all have their own stories. Some are much more versatile than others, though, offering true benefits to humans without asking for anything in […]

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The Many Health Benefits Of Water

We all know that we should drink as much water as we can, or at least eight glasses a day, but how any of us really make it that much of a priority in our lives? The truth is that most of us fail to get the right amount of water in our daily lives, […]

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