Getting Healthy

I am on a path to a healthy life style and while not completely there, I’m working through it slowly but surely.  For me, this means cutting out my sugary sodas and substituting with water and tea.  It also means cooking at home more and eating high protein, low carb, no sugar foods that follow the HCG protocol.  I will be updating from time to time with photos of my weight loss.

Everything You Need to Know to Do Keto Without Cooking

Do you hate to cook? If you’d rather do almost anything than spend a lot time stuck in the kitchen, you’ll be thrilled to know there are ways to be successful on keto without cooking. Today I’m going to share some hacks that will keep you on the keto path without spending hours in front […]

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Easy Ways to Eat Less Fat

Many of us struggle with our weight, and childhood obesity is particularly worrying. In large part, this is due to high fat and sugar levels in the foods that we eat. These foods are convenient, fast, easy and often much cheaper than healthy food. It doesn’t make it easy to stay in shape. One of […]

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Keto Almond Butter Fat Bomb Recipe

Keto Almond Butter Fat Bombs Yields:  15 servings Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 0 minutes | Total Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 cup almond butter, creamy and natural ½ cup coconut flour Stevia to taste (may substitute with 2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup for non-keto options) Directions: Place a piece of wax […]

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Considering The Keto Diet? 3 Things You Need To Know

Over recent years, the ketogenic diet (which is often just called “keto”) has become incredibly popular. However, despite its popularity, many people still struggle to understand the actual fundamentals of what keto means, what its benefits are, and why it has proven to be such a reliable choice for hundreds of thousands of people across […]

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Healthy Weight Loss Done Naturally

As we go through life, we all find that there are various strains and stresses put on us for a whole range of reasons. We all react differently when life gets tough, but for some of us, it can often lead to gaining weight. Of course, stress isn’t the only cause of fluctuations in our […]

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Fit and Fabulous Over 40: The Fitness Tips To Help

If you’ve hit the ripe old age of forty, then you might be concerned that you’re now technically classed as ‘mid-life’. You might resign yourself to the fact that you a middle-aged ‘spread’ around your waist is normal, and that you’re only as young as you think you are. While the latter is very true, […]

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Walmart Makes Weight Watchers Meal Planning Easier

This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. If you’re like me, you like to plan your meals at least a couple of day in advance. I start with a couple of ingredients like lunch meat or […]

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Thinking about trying the Keto Diet? Try these 31 Days of Keto Recipes!

Starting a Keto diet can be challenging, especially if you feel like you need to overhaul your recipes. All of your old favorites now need to be replaced, and you have a very limited selection of ideas to make each day. This post is going to help you not only find something new and delicious […]

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Weird Ways You Can Drop Those Extra Pounds

Are you trying to lose weight? It can be a struggle, can’t it. You might find that exercising isn’t as helpful as you hoped it would be and that diet just doesn’t seem to be that effective. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might want to look at some of the weird and more […]

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14 Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes

Deviled eggs have always been a favorite with my family.  Whether it’s for a holiday like Easter or 4th of July or just Sunday dinner at my mom’s house.  Plus, they are a crowd pleasing party snack for events like Super Bowl, New Years Eve, and picnics. Deviled eggs are a really great food for […]

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Preparing For Life With Aging Parents

Before you know it, you’ll be approaching 50. It doesn’t matter how young you are now, once your life starts to take off, time seems to go incredibly quickly. Now, you might think that turning half a century old is going to be tough to deal with. But in reality, you will have a lot […]

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How To De-Stress After A Long Day

It seems like life is getting more and more stressful with every day that passes by. After all, we live at such a fast pace today. This is why it is more important than ever before to make sure you can find ways to de-stress once you walk through the door. With that in mind, […]

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3 Health Issues To Watch As You Age

Age comes for us all. Some are more willing to accept that fact than others. We can see this in our celebrities, some that we might have followed since childhood. There is no problem with having cosmetic surgery as a consenting, paying and willing adult of course, but we can often see how some of […]

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Your Life Doesn’t Need To Be Limited By Illness

Your life will be limited to your illness if you let it be that way. No matter what the illness is, or how long it’s due to stay, or how serious it is, it will limit your life if you let it. As time goes by, you realize how important it is to take each […]

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Your Gene Matters When It Comes To Adverse Drug Related Reactions- Learn What Drugs Work For You

miGene™ is based on pharmacogenetics-the study of how genetic makeup affects a person’s response to medicine. As a leader in Personalized Medicine, PanaceaPGX offers a wide range of testing solutions to help both the patient and physician determine which is the right drug and the right dose for you. miGene™ is the cornerstone of personalized medicine. […]

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Hugely Helpful Healthy Hacks to Help Improve Your Well-Being

Hugely Helpful Healthy Hacks to Help Improve Your Well-Being Improving your well-being and boosting your health is so important, and you have to make sure you are focused on self-care in your daily life. You’ve got to do as much as possible to look after yourself and do what you need to do to stay […]

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Lifestyle Changes You Should Make When You Hit 40

If you have just hit 40, you might be thinking that it is the end of the word. If, however, you talk to some people who have passed this stage in their lives, they might tell you that life is just about to start. You have the experience to make better and more responsible decisions […]

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Help Your Staff By Providing Essential Healthcare Coverage

Most business owners understand that providing healthcare schemes to their workers is an excellent way to build a positive reputation and ensure optimum loyalty amongst the workforce. However, lots of entrepreneurs fail to get the process right, and so their employees end up having to cover most of the costs. With that in mind, there […]

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Ensure Max Protein Provides The Nutrition You Need To Power Through Your Day

Ensure Max Protein Provides The Nutrition You Need To Power Through Your Day This post is sponsored by Abbott/Ensure, but all opinions are mine. These days, women have a lot on their plates, so it’s extremely important that we get the proper nutrition to support our bodies.  As working moms and wives, it seems that […]

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Can’t Cure That Chronic Cough?

Have you ever had a cough which wouldn’t go away? Have you woken in the night because you can’t clear that never-ending irritation? Though it may feel like it, you aren’t alone. In fact, persistent coughs are one of the leading causes for visiting a doctor today. But, the frequency of this issue does nothing […]

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