15 Fun Halloween Foods

Fall is just around the corner and that means falling leaves, bonfires, hot chocolate, hayrides and Halloween. It’s my favorite time of year for a few reasons. Now that I have kids of my own that elevates to a whole new level. Finding the perfect costume, taking them trick or treating and just enjoying the season. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the little ones excited about Halloween because they don’t really know what to expect. So, I came up with these fun ideas to help get them excited and ready for fall. Enjoy!!

Witches Broomstick // Cincy Shopper  These cute witches broomsticks are super easy to do, and the kids will love them.





Crescent Roll Witches Hats // Spaceships and Laser Beams    Love these adorable crescent roll witch hats.  Perfect for an accompaniment to a big pot of spaghetti and eyeballs. (Sorry, I meant meatballs..)

Clementine Pumpkins // Thrifty Jinxy     What a terrific and easy way to get the kids to eat the healthy stuff.

Orange Jack-O-Lanterns // Frugal Coupon Living   Another healthy and eye appealing option that would be good for kids and adults.

Monsters On A Log // My Stay At Home Adventures  My kids love peanut butter and celery and I have these little eyes sitting in my pantry, so why not…

Yogurt & Banana Ghost Pops // Midget Momma     These look incredibly easy, but I would dip in different colors of yogurt for some added fun.

Mummy Hot Dogs // Having Fun Saving & Cooking   My kids love hot dogs, so this would be a hit in my house.

Halloween Jello Cups // My Organized Chaos   These are so awesome, that I think they could be used anytime of year.

Mummy Pizza // Frugal Coupon Living    Love these little mummy pizzas.  Super easy to make and the kiddos get a healthy lunch.

Mummy Brains Mac N Cheese // Spaceships and Laser Beams     Fun little craft to make lunch time a little different.

Banana Spiders // Kids Activities Blog    These little banana spiders look oh so good, and super easy too.

Spider Crackers // Kraft Recipes     This is a fun little treat from that I bet most of you have the ingredients to make right in your pantries.  I know I do.

Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas // Midget Momma    Who doesn’t love Quesadillas?  We love them in our house, so this is a huge hit.

Frankenstein Pancakes // The Joys Of Boys    Make breakfast fun with these adorable Frankenstein Pancakes that are covered in healthy goodness.

Mummy Toast // Kids Activities Blog   Another fun mummy snack that the kids will love.