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10 Secrets from a Disney Backstage Cast Member

Are you a big fan of Disney World? You’re in luck today! I’ve gathered some of my favorite secrets from Disney cast members and I’m here to share them with you! Read on to hear my favorite ten secrets from a Disney backstage cast member!

Walt Disney’s plane

As it turns out, you can see Walt Disney’s plane if you go backstage! In fact, cast members can walk past it every day on their way to work! When the backlot tour still existed at Disney World, the tram passed the train. Too bad this is a hidden treasure now!

Suitable climates

Did you know that Disney is actually sunken into the ground to create a climate that the animals can tolerate? This is why it tends to be much warmer in the park than outside of the park.

The Disney “look”

If you’re on the clock, no matter if the guests see you or not, you have to follow a specific look that Disney wants. During training sessions, you’re required to wear business casual attire. If you show up in something that is not deemed the “Disney look”, you’ll have to change into a costume for the remainder of the day.

Disney costume sizes

The way Disney did sizing for costumes in the 70’s is much different than how it works now. As you pickup your first Disney costume, you have to pick up two or three sizes larger than you’d actually need for it to fit correctly.

No pictures, please

Disney is very protective of their image, and for that reason, there are no photos allowed backstage. Because social media is so prevalent now, they’ve really had to crack down on these rules.

Pin trading

Did you know that if you buy Disney pins, you can trade them with the cast members? In fact, they are required to exchange them with you! According to Disney cast members, pin trading is much more popular at Disney World than Disneyland.

Getting your last paycheck

No last paycheck? It’s probably because you haven’t turned your costume back into the Disney costume department. Disney requires each cast member to turn in each and every piece of dress before they’ll give you that hard earned cash.

Tunnels under Disney

Have you ever seen a frontier land character in tomorrowland? Of course not! The tunnels under Disney World serve as a way for the cast members to get from one place to the next without ruining the magic for everyone else.

Using your name

If you have your name somewhere on you, whether that’s on a button or on your Mickey ears, the cast members are required to use it each and every time. This adds to the magic and also makes things seem a lot more personal.

I don’t know

All Disney cast members know that saying the words “I don’t know” is not an option. If a guest asks you a question, you help them find the answer.

As you can see, there are plenty of secrets that go into making Disney so magical. Disney cast members love their jobs but are required to follow specific rules to make each guest’s experience as enjoyable as it can be. Are you a Disney cast member? We’d love to hear your secrets! If you end up striking up a conversation with a cast member, make sure to ask about any cool hidden details in the park.

Want a cool bonus secret? If you were to wash and dry one load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, you’d clean about as much as the Cast Members at the Walt Disney World Laundry do in a single DAY! Now, don’t you feel better about your laundry situation? I know I do. 🙂

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  1. These are great secrets about Disney!

  2. Lauryn R says:

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. shannon fowler says:

    this was fun to read. we live close by in florida too. the extra things they do really make the park nice and clean and feel like we are getting away from orlando.


    Makes you stop and think what an Awesome place Disney World is & great secrets to know..Thanks,,,,

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