11 Ways To Bounce Back in 2021

If you’re fed up with 2020 and want to make 2021 a better year, then there are a few things you can do. Of course, we’ve learned this year that we can’t control everything, and that sometimes, just going with the flow and surviving is necessary. However, if you’ve come to realize that you were never really living your life before, now is the time to make your plans for bouncing back. Read on to learn more: 

  1. Get A New Hobby

Start by considering whether there’s a hobby out there that you could try. Is there something you find yourself thinking about, but not doing? Some people put off trying new hobbies because they think they are too old, or that there’s no point. However, hobbies can enrich our lives and make us see that there’s more to life than simply working and getting through a to-do list. Finding a new hobby could be a lease of life for you, so try that thing that you’ve been thinking about! 

      2. Find Someone To Talk To

We’ve all suffered at varying degrees in 2020. Even those who have been lucky enough to stay healthy will be feeling the strain by now. Finding somebody to talk to in 2021 can help you to get your mind in order, quit overthinking, and go for what you want moving forward. You might think that you don’t need to speak to anybody, but even those with minimal problems can find working things out with a therapist helpful. 

      3.  Figure Out if You’re In The Right Job

You don’t need to love every aspect of your job to be happy. In fact, some people are perfectly happy having just that – a job. Somewhere they go for a few hours a day to make a bit of money, before heading home and enjoying life in other ways. However, some people want a career, or to find their vocation. You should really enjoy what you are doing if you’re trying to build a solid career or find your purpose in life. Take some personality tests and career quizzes online and see what could be suited to you. There’s no time like the present! 

     4.   Travel More 

Some people genuinely have no interest in traveling, but many do and just never get around to it. Don’t wait until you’re retired in the hopes that you have the energy to do it then. Do it now! Find ways to travel more now. If seeing new things and meeting new people is a priority to you, then you’ll find a way to do it. 

      5.  Spend More Time With People You Love

Many of us have had a total lack of interaction the last year. Humans are social creatures and need connection, so many have struggled. Use 2021 to spend more time with people you love, doing things you enjoy together. There’s nothing quite like face to face interaction to give us a boost and make us feel good, so plan plenty of fun activities! 

      6.  Put A Big Focus On Your Health

One of the best ways to bounce back from anything is to put a big focus on your health. Make sure you’re eating well, staying hydrated, and getting some exercise. Prioritize both your physical and mental health, as they both go hand in hand. You can even make things easier by using the Simple Online Pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions and take care of yourself. You’ll be glad you started taking care of your health sooner rather than later! 

     7.  Put Yourself First

Although caring for others is an admirable trait, putting yourself first is important. There’s a reason they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first when you’re flying. If you don’t put yourself first, then you’ll be pouring from an empty cup. Stop people pleasing and try to be your own authentic self. 

     8.  Set Boundaries 

Set boundaries with people who ask too much of you. Learn to say no instead of yes when you don’t want to do something. Make it clear what you expect from your relationships. It can feel like being ‘selfish’ if you’re not used to doing this, but it can make a big difference to your life and how you feel about yourself. 

      9.  Be Gentle With Yourself

You’ve done your best throughout 2020, even if it doesn’t feel like you’ve done much at all. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Give yourself a break if you need one. Pamper yourself and take plenty of time for self care. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Remind yourself that you’re only human, and even if you’re not doing a lot, you’re always doing your best. Always! 

    10.  Change Your Self Talk

The way you talk to yourself matters, both out loud and in your head. What do you tell yourself when you make a mistake? How do you talk to yourself to other people? If you knew how powerful your words were, you would do your best not to talk badly about yourself again! Changing your self talk can be hard and take a lot of practice, but it can be done. Oftentimes, the way we talk to ourselves was picked up from the way an overly critical caregiver spoke to us or to themselves. Most people don’t realize just how much of our consciousness is informed before the age of 7!  

     11.  Break What You Need To Do Down Into Baby Steps 

If you know there’s something you need to do but you’re unsure as to how to get there, do the easy thing and just break the task down into as many small steps as possible. This can make even the biggest, most daunting task seem manageable. All you have to do is keep on taking the next baby step forward. Do this each day and you’ll get to where you want to be eventually! 

If you’re ready to bounce back in 2021, start planning what you’re going to take away from this list.