3 Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Storefront

In areas with a lot of foot traffic, shop owners must alter their marketing strategy somewhat. Namely, it is important to create a business that is visually appealing, encouraging passerby to stop and come inside. You may wonder how you can distinguish your store from all the others people walk past day to day. Consider a few tips that may aid you in creating a noteworthy storefront.

1. Displays

One of the first rules of thumb to keep in mind when brainstorming about the layout of your shop is that more glass is usually better. Glass windows, window displays and smaller interior displays optimize your ability to showcase your merchandise. Remember that window displays and store fixtures such as bakery cases have different purposes. Take advantage of the highly visible nature of window displays to make passerby curious. You don’t need to use this space to show people every single product you carry. Instead, use mannequins, props and artistry to create something intriguing.

Once a customer chooses to enter your shop, display cases become more important. These fixtures allow patrons to see exactly what you are selling and to decide which precise item they want. This is why display cases full of gourmet chocolates are so compelling.

2. Signage

In addition to creating visual appeal, remember to provide all the necessary information potential customers may require. Use signs to clarify what your business hours are (including holiday hours), what promotions you offer and how patrons can look you up online. This will give passerby all they need to come back and visit you another time if they are not able to on a given day. You can also be creative with your signage; words can be every bit as compelling as images. Consider coming up with an interesting store name or a memorable slogan.

3. Accessibility

A final piece of advice you may wish to consider is making your store as accessible as possible. One way of doing this is to construct a parking lot or to provide directions to a nearby public lot. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep your shop, and especially its entryway, open. People usually do not like to feel confined when they enter a building.

Seeing shopper after shopper pass by your store in favor of another one can be disheartening. Even so, there are steps you can take to make your place of business more noticeable. Get creative and show potential customers why they don’t want to miss out on your product.