4 Common Hurdles You Can Encounter Fostering A Child

Are you thinking about fostering a child? This can be a wonderful choice and you have an opportunity to bring a lot of joy and wonder to a child’s life, providing them the love and support they need. However, there could also be challenges ahead. Here are some of the issues that you might experience when you make this choice and how to overcome them the right way. 

A Desire To Find Their Biological Parents 

It’s true that many foster children do have a strong desire to find their biological parents or biological family. You can’t prevent this and you will need to decide how to approach this issue the right way. In some cases, it will not be possible for them to reach out to their parents. In other cases, you may have to provide emotional support as they do attempt this. 


Similar to other children, foster kids can be the victims of bullying. They might even be bullied because they are in foster care. There is no way to prevent bullying but it is important that children have someone to talk to when they are facing this kind of abuse. They should never feel alone or abandoned by you or the school. Most schools do have a zero-tolerance policy in terms of bullying and it is often just a matter of letting them know that something is going wrong here. 

Substance Abuse 

It’s not uncommon for children who end up in foster care to struggle with mental health issues. This won’t be true for all kids but many do have problems with depression, anxiety, and even self-harm. They can also develop substance abuse issues as they look for a way to deal with the problems that they are facing. As well as understanding the signs of substance abuse, it’s important for a foster parent to know how to deal with this issue when it does arise. In some cases, it can be a simple matter of ensuring that they are opening up to you but other times, you may need specialist support. For instance, they could be addicted to meth and if that’s the case then a meth addiction rehab center could be the best answer. 

If you do use an addiction treatment centre it will help them recover quicker as they will be with knowledgeable experts in that field so you will be able to help them get to a happier and more normal life once they have recovered.

Running Away 

Finally, it’s worth noting that some foster children will run away from the home of their carers. It is important to note that just like the other issues on this list, this doesn’t mean that you have failed as a carer. Some children flee because they are worried that the foster parent is going to decide they don’t want them in their house anyway. Others will run because they don’t feel like they fit in or they simply are craving their own independence. Many are terrified are letting someone get emotionally close to them. If they do run away, it’s important not to panic. Think about whether you can find them or nowhere they might be and alert the authorities. Many will come back of their own accord.