4 Key Signs You Are Exhausted

The life we lead can be tiresome. It comes with ups and downs, and everybody is feeling some signs of fatigue right now. But while people feel tired and need a break, there are others who are burnt out and are suffering from exhaustion. It’s worth noting some of the key signs that you are exhausted, and what you can do as a result.

Dizziness and Nausea

Feeling dizzy and nauseous can be signs that you need to rest. We can feel like this because we are so stressed that our body is suffering a breakdown. Sometimes it can manifest itself in other ways, such as a ringing in the ears or sensitivity to loud noises. But as long as you’ve ruled any form of hearing issue and tinnitus treatment, the priority is to get some actual physical and mental rest. It’s important to remember that when somebody experiences a mental breakdown, it can be manifested in a physical sense.

You Cannot Sleep Properly

Exhaustion makes it more difficult for you to calm your thoughts. If you are unable to sleep and this is all you want to do, but your thoughts are going a mile a minute, the constant thought after thought keeps you in a cycle that is hard to break out of. If you are feeling unable to sleep properly, the first step is to try and relax with certain sleep treatments. This could very well be a meditation machine, removing stimulants from your diet or from the bedroom, but also getting away from your sleep environments can give you a change of scenery.

You Feel Detached

That sensation of numbness is a common sign of exhaustion. You feel drained to such a point that you cannot feel any sense of emotion in situations or subjects that you were easily connected to before. Sometimes, a dose of reality can help in these instances. This is for the reason that it can “shock” our bodies back into reality. Some people experience the benefits of having a shock through something like cold therapy or cold showers. What’s important is that you test yourself to see how detached you really feel.

You Lack Motivation

If you feel that something bad is always going to happen, or you are incapable of completing anything, the goals are not stimulating anymore. This can be very difficult regardless of the environment. When you don’t feel the motivation to complete work on time, you end up procrastinating, but when you feel like this, warnings in the workplace are not going to help, as you feel numb. In these instances, meeting with a professional may help. You can make certain lifestyle changes, but they may also recommend a course of cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as applied relaxation techniques. It can also help you to question the key stressors in your life. Because if you are struggling to focus, is it because you are not keeping your brain sharp

Exhaustion is a treatable condition. But the best way to treat it is to reduce the stressful event or eliminate the stressor.