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4 Tips for Maintaining Furniture

Furniture is the backbone of any home. It provides a comfortable place to sit, a place to put on your shoes, and it can even be a way to express your personality and taste. But if you don’t maintain your furniture properly, it can break down quickly. To keep your furniture in top condition for years to come, follow these simple maintenance tips:

Perform regular dusting and vacuuming

Dust and dust mites are the enemies of your furniture. The accumulation of dust, dirt, and allergens on a surface can cause it to quickly break down into a state where it cannot be repaired. This is particularly true with hardwood surfaces.

Dust is abrasive, so regular vacuuming is one of the best steps you can take to protect your furniture from excessive wear, both in terms of appearance and durability. Vacuum at least once per week with either an upright or portable vacuum cleaner equipped with soft brushes or upholstery attachment that won’t scratch delicate finishes like lacquer or piano black lacquer.

You should also use microfiber cloths when cleaning wood surfaces instead of paper towels and plastic gloves if possible because they’ll keep the oils from your hands off the surface.

Clean spills as soon as possible.

The trick to preventing permanent damage is to clean spills as soon as you can. If you don’t, they will cause stains that may be difficult or impossible to remove.

 For example, coffee is one of the most difficult types of spills to remove from fabric because it has an oil base and tends to soak into the fibers. This makes it more likely that even if you manage to get rid of the stain, there will still be a discoloration left behind.

If you need to learn how to remove a stain, try using a general purpose cleaner or specific spot remover on your furniture before going through any other steps like washing or dry cleaning (which can also cause additional damage).

Polish wooden furniture.

Polishing wooden furniture is an excellent way to maintain your furniture. Wooden furniture can be polished to restore the wood’s natural luster and make it look new again. It is also an effective way to protect the surface against scratches, scuffs, dirt, and dust.

When you polish your wooden furniture, you remove any accumulated dirt or grime from its surface while restoring its color and shine. This can be done with either wax or oil-based polishes, depending on whether you want a glossy or matte finish respectively.

Protect fabric and leather furniture from spills.

Use a waterproof cover to protect your upholstered furniture from spills. If you can’t remove the stain, use a stain remover.

For leather furniture, clean it with a special leather cleaner and then apply conditioner to protect against future damage. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface of your furniture with warm water and mild detergent, rinsing well after cleaning each area.


Hopefully, you have all you need to know about furniture. The most important thing is to think about why it matters, and that’s because your home should be where you feel comfortable and happy. Creating an environment where we can relax after a long day at work or school is essential in order for us all to enjoy life. So, remember these tips when cleaning up around your house!



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