5 Ways to get your Picky Eater to Try New Foods

Raising a picky eater is not very much fun! As much as you want your child to eat everything that’s served, they simply despise everything that you put in front of them. Sure, some children suffer from issues with textures and colors versus actual taste problems, but still, it’s hard to get a picky eater to eat foods that have some nutritional value to them. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to get your picky eater to try new foods so that perhaps you can change your child’s picky ways for good.

Change your Perspective
Now that you know your child is a picky eater, it’s time to change your perspective and approach to the situation. Instead of punishing your child for being a picky eater, work towards rewarding them to take a bite and at least try one new food per day. Try to pick a new food that you know will not mess with your child’s preference against certain textures or colors.

Be the Example
As the example, you can start eating the foods that you want your picky eater to try, because they will be more apt to try something that their parent is enjoying. Think about starting with foods like fruits that have a sweeter taste to entice your picky eater to try new foods. Each day try to get your picky eater to enjoy a new snack with you that includes a new food item for them. This has always been a tricky one for me because I’m not a fan of many vegetables, but I do realize that I need to try to eat more variety in an effort to get them to eat.

Let Your Kid be Chef
Often time’s picky eaters will be more curious and apt to try new foods if they’re the ones making the meal. Have your kid go shopping with you and pick out some items that they’ll make for dinner or snack time. Having your kid be the chef will surely help curb that picky eater syndrome and perhaps get them to be more open to the foods you make them.

Don’t have to Like
Refrain from using the word “like” because then your picky eater will quickly learn to say that they don’t like something. Use words and instructions with new food options that let your picky eater know that you expect them to try this new food. Eventually, this will teach your picky eater to tolerate new foods, as opposed to trying to “like” them.

Be Patient
Lastly, if you really want to get your picky eater to try new foods then you need to be more upbeat, positive and patient about the process. Your picky eater isn’t going to be overjoyed about trying something new. Just be patient and say encouraging words to your picky eater so that they feel inspired to try something new.
Having a picky eater can cause chaos at the dinner table, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Using these 5 ways to get your picky eater to try new foods will surely alleviate some stress for the whole family during meal time.