7 Signs of a Great Neighborhood

Your neighborhood plays a pivotal role in the life of you and your family. Deciding on which neighborhood is best for your family is always a challenging decision. 

To help you out, here 7 signs of a great neighborhood you should look out for.

  1. Local Pride

Great neighborhoods all have one thing in common: they are proud of their neighborhood. You can quickly tell if locals are proud of their area by looking at locally organized activities.

Are there community meetings? Charitable events? Clean up programs? Extra learning courses? Wildlife protection initiatives?

Check if the neighborhood has a Facebook page to discover what types of activities are happening. A great neighborhood is an active neighborhood filled with people trying to make it even better. 

  1. Great Schools

Great neighborhoods will have great schools. Everything from preschools to junior high or even a college. Great schools are usually the top of every homeowner’s list of needs when looking at a new neighborhood. 

Neighborhoods with great schools are usually well sought after, and competition for housing is fierce. You can check the performance of local schools online.  

  1. Low-Crime Rate

No one wants to live in fear of robbery or vandalism. Therefore, a low crime rate is an excellent reflection of a neighborhood, how it is run, and the performance of local authorities.

Low-crime rates allow you to live in peace and are a clear sign of a great neighborhood that is improving. You can check local crime rates via Trulia’s Crime Maps.

  1. Clean Streets 

You can tell how much pride a neighborhood by how clean it is kept. Anyone that respects their space keeps that space tidy. It’s not uncommon to find neighborhoods with inadequate waste management programs.

Take a drive around your prospective neighborhood and check how clean the streets are. You want to live in an area where people care about their neighborhood.

  1. Access to Nature 

A great neighborhood should have relatively quick access to natural spots for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. If you’re raising a family, you will want a place to escape at the weekends or during the summer holidays.

It’s not all about the kids either. You might want tennis courts or a local golf club to enjoy. Make sure the neighborhood has plenty of access to outdoor activities.

  1. Green Areas

For the times you can’t get out to the countryside it’s nice to have access to local green areas. This can include parks, lakes, or even small playgrounds. 

Great neighborhoods appreciate green areas and take good care of them for you to enjoy after school or at the weekend. Streets lined with trees is another good sign. You want a neighborhood that appreciates nature.

  1. Medical Care

A great neighborhood will have quick access to medical care. This should include local doctor’s practice, dentist, pediatrician, A&E, and of course, hospital.

If you’re raising a family or about to start, having medical care close by is essential for your family’s health and wellbeing. Those with grandparents to care for will also require quick access to medical care.