8 Ways to Celebrate the Friday the 13th and the Full Moon

This year we have a Friday the 13th with a full moon! This only happens once every 20 years or so so that sounds pretty lucky if you ask me.  800 million dollars are lost from the economy each Friday the 13th as superstitious people stay home. With so many people staying at home that makes it the perfect time to go out so here are a few ways to celebrate Friday the 13th.

Visit the beach

Why not head to the beach for an unobstructed view of this magnificent full moon?  If you don’t live near a beach, find an open field or parking lot for some unobstructed viewing.

Go on a Ghost Tour

Find yourself a local ghost tour. These are more theater than actual fright but they’re fun and doing it on the most unlucky of days means you’re sure to get a little bit more than you bargained for. Check local Facebook groups to find a ghost tour in your area.

Visit Local Haunted Places

Every town has at least one place that is said to be haunted. It might be a playground or a spooky old library. Whatever it is, an October Friday the 13th is the perfect time to visit them. You just have to decide if seeing a ghost is lucky or unlucky.  I am lucky enough to live near the quaint little town of Cassadaga, FL, the “Spiritualist Capital of the World.”  The town is home to the Cassadaga Hotel which has long been rumored to be haunted.  The last time I was there, a group of friends and I tried to do a photo in the lobby and only one of us could get out photo to turn out.  This of course was very odd becuase we take photos all the time but nonetheless we had a great time and it was a fun experience.

Have a Full-Moon Party

If you’re looking for a date to have a Halloween party on that isn’t Halloween itself Friday the 13th is the perfect date but add in this full moon and it’s the perfect opportunity for a full-moon party complete with a bonfire and good times.

Buy a Lottery Ticket
For most people, 13 is an incredibly unlucky number and for that reason, many people skip buying a lottery ticket on that day. This actually improves the odds of you winning! So go out and buy a lottery ticket on Friday the 13th, who knows, it might be your lucky day.

Adopt a Black Cat

While we’re on the topic of doing things that are considered incredibly unlucky. This is a great time to adopt a black cat from a local shelter. Black cats are often the most difficult to rehome, along with elderly cats and those with illnesses and disabilities. Turn what might be an unlucky day into a very lucky one for a black cat by giving them a forever home. Just remember that adopting pets is a very serious commitment.

Friday the 13th Playlist

Add a little variety to your commute with a Friday the 13th themed music playlist. There are a number of songs with Friday the 13th in them. Or you could go the superstition route and go with songs about black cats, magic, and of course Stevie Wonder’s Superstition. Alternatively, you could go for songs with the word luck or lucky in the title. Finally, you could combine all of these ideas for a massive list with a whole lot of variety to it.

Watch Friday the 13th

The most obvious way to celebrate Friday the 13th is, of course, to watch the Friday the 13th movies. Right now there are 12 movies. Some of which are better than others, but we won’t get into that. There was also a television series in the late 80s. In print form, you can find Friday the 13th in comic book or novel form. And there are two very different video games based on the movies. So no matter what kind of media you enjoy, you can find it there.  As for me, I’m a huge fan of the movies and love to watch them as often as possible.   ‌

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