Migraines and PCOS Parenting

A bump in the road…

On June 2nd, I experienced a little bump in the road to my healthy lifestyle as well as my road back to blogging.  June 2nd was a Friday and a work day, so I went to work like normal but I was experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen.  A couple of weeks prior to this I had started having migraines on a regular basis as well as days and nights where I would have cold chills and achy legs.  With 3 kids, I just sort of thought that I had picked up a virus.  I had the chills and aches on June 1st to the point that I ended up going to bed around 9am just sort of chalking it up to a migraine.  As that Friday progressed my pain continued to worsen.   At this point, I thought I was having gall bladder problems so I tried to make an appointment with my Primary Care Physician.  By 6pm, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t eat.  By midnight, I knew that something major was up but I was hopeful that I could make it to the Urgent Care that morning.  At 2:30am on Saturday, I was in excruciating pain and nausea had set in.  I called my parents and woke them up to tell them that I needed to go to the Emergency Room and I needed one of them to come stay with my kids.  My mom came and stayed with my kids and my dad drove me to the ER.  The drive was excruciating.  I literally felt like my insides were falling out and I could feel every bump and turn of the car.

We arrived at the ER and I threw up while getting registered.  They put me in a room and started pumping me full of morphine and anti-nausea medicine and then began running tests on me to determine the cause.  At this point I was still thinking it was my gall bladder.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with PCOS so I informed them of this at registration.  After a CT Scan and Ultrasound, I was told that I had an incredibly large cyst on my right ovary and I was suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.  I was immediately admitted into a room to begin a daily regimen of IV Antibiotics and pain medicine.    For the first 3-4 days, I was so nauseous that I couldn’t eat and I was hallucinating from the heavy pain medication.  By Wednesday, I was starting to feel a little better but my pain had shifted from my lower abdomen to my mid-abdomen.    After 6 days, I was finally released from the hospital and given 2 weeks of oral antibiotics.  While I was in the hospital, my parents took care of my kids and house but when I got out I think my daughter (5 years old) was actually kind of mad at me (probably caused by fear of me being gone and not understanding what was happening).    She misbehaved for a good week but she seems to be getting back to her normal sweet self.   I was desperately missing them, so I’m sure they were missing me just the same.

I am almost finished with my antibiotics and am pretty much back to what the doctor has described as “my new normal” and I have been advised that my only course of action is a full hysterectomy.   I do still have quite a bit of pain, but I’m hopeful that it will be gone after my surgery.  I am really nervous about having surgery for a number of reasons but especially because I am a single mom with 3 kids and bills to pay.  So, for now my plan is to lose some weight in the hopes of having laparoscopic surgery and save approximately $700 a month to pay my bills while I’m out of work.




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