Amazing Gifts to Give the Disorganized Friends in Your Life

Amazing Gifts to Give the Disorganized Friends in Your Life

We all have those friends who just can’t seem to stay organized. They start out each and every day with their plan in place of what they are hoping to accomplish and do throughout the day, but then one thing leads to another and before you know it, they are running around their house looking for a matching sock to be able to put on their shoes and then looking for their car keys to be able to get out of the door. Disorganization at it’s finest, right? While having friends like that may add fun and adventure in your life, the want to help them get organized is strong! Why not try to give them a few amazing gifts to help them become a bit more organized in their day-to-day? Here are some great gift suggestions for the disorganized friends in your life.

Key Organizer and Key Finder  Finally, a gadget that can help them find those lost keys! Talk about an amazing gift that will help their mornings become so much more efficient!

Teacher Peach Office Supply Kit. While this is great for teachers, this is also a great gift for your friends to be able to store all their smaller items in and not have to worry about looking for them last minute!

Car Backseat Organizer. If they are disorganized at home, the likelihood is that it probably trickles over to their car as well. Give the gift of instant car organization with this simple and effective backseat organizer.

Makeup Organizer with 360 Degree Rotation For those female friends, is there anything more disorganized than their makeup counter? Seriously, the brushes could go on for miles! Help them get that clutter under control with this great gift!


Decluttering at the Speed of Light: Winning your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff. Give the gift of reading on how to be organized to your friends. This perfect gift is packed full of useful information that can help them become better organized each and every day.

Earring Organizer Tray  There are few things in life more frustrating than not being able to find both earrings when you are wanting to wear them. With this gift, that frustration will be no more!

Household Essentials Utility Tote Sometimes, we all just need that giant bag that we can store just about ANYTHING in. This may be the perfect tote for your friends!

Desk Organizer   A great gift for those friends that need to clean up the clutter sitting around on their desks! It’s stylish and sleek too which looks great in any home decor.

Owl Pen Holder  Who doesn’t love owls? Give your friends a super cute and fun storage place to hold all their pens and pencils! It’s a HOOT!

Post-It Cat Figure Pop-Up Notes  Sticky notes can be great to have for organizational purposes. This is a gift that your friends need…right meow.

Cool Paper Clips Keeping track of important paperwork is essential. If you find that your friends are constantly losing bills or other items that they need to handle, these cute paperclips can help keep them all together in one easy place to locate.

YouCopia TeaStand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer  Get those tea boxes out of your pantry while saving space at the same time. Clear storage allows for easy viewing and choose your specialty teas. YouCopia TeaStand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer

Travel Pill Vitamin Medication Holder Dispenser Organizer Storage Organize and store 6 days of vitamins, supplements and medication or fill each slot with a different pill so you always have a supply with you! With this medication holder there is no need to carry 6 different bottles in your purse.

Simple Houseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder This is a great organizer for cutting boards, muffin pans, plastic wrap and more.  So many options!

Over-Cabinet Hair Care Tools Organizer 

Stainless Steel Pants Hangers (set of 3)

No matter what gifts you decide to give your unorganized friends, have fun! There are practical gifts, fun gifts, and all types of cute animal-themed gifts out there that can actually help them in becoming more organized in their daily lives. The whole point of giving them a gift is to help them understand the importance of having some sort of routine and organization during their day-to-day. Once they realize how much less stressed they can feel by being organized, they may go from being your most disorganized friend to your best!

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