Assess Your Health Today: Are You Feeling 100%?

As a person who is constantly busy, you don’t always get time to check in with yourself. You often don’t notice when you’re feeling under the weather or need to take a break, so now is your opportunity to take a moment. You need to take your health seriously; without it you wouldn’t be able to carry on with your job, family life and social events. It is so important to check in with yourself on a regular basis and make sure you are striving towards the healthiest lifestyle possible. Today is the day to assess your health; you may find that you’re not feeling 100%, but there are so many support systems out there that can help you get through.


One of the first ways to check in with your health is with your senses. Believe it or not, struggling to hear can actually lower your quality of life and affect your relationships with people. Feeling left out or isolated because of your hearing condition is not the way to live, so make sure you seek out advice from an audiologist if you can. You can learn more here about tinnitus and other hearing conditions; there is a wealth of information available to you so make sure you use this to your advantage.


Do you often find yourself struggling to see signs on the road or train times on the board at your local station? This is definitely a sign that your sight isn’t up to scratch. Although you may think you can put up with this right now, you don’t want to cause any long term damage to your eyesight. Book yourself an eye test and see if glasses or contact lenses might be useful to you.

Mental Health 

It is so important to check in with your mental health regularly. If you aren’t feeling 100%, struggling with anxiety or depression you definitely need to seek out advice from a professional. Confide in somebody you trust and you will soon be able to figure out a workable plan for your unique situation.

Physical Health

Even if you’re not ready to get fit right now, you still need to have regular check ins with yourself regarding your physical health. When you feel any sort of ache or pain it is very easy to brush it under the carpet and ignore it for a while. If you have been dealing with a persistent physical health problem it is highly advised that you seek out medical assistance. Getting to the root of the problem sooner rather than later is always the best route to take.

Work your way through all of the ideas mentioned above as soon as you can. Once you have established where your worries, stresses and illnesses lie, you will be able find a simple fix. Whether you’re seeking out support from those you love or you need medical advice from a professional, there are so many ways to regain control over your health today.