Bad Habits We Can Fall Into as Parents- And How to Avoid Them!

Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging yet incredible jobs in the world. There’s no training, there’s plenty of conflicting advice and in all honesty, none of us really know what we’re doing. All we know is we’re doing our very best to raise happy and healthy kids. We’re only human and will make some mistakes along the way, here are some bad habits we can fall into and the best ways to avoid them.

Finishing Leftovers on Our Child’s Plate
As parents, we’re well aware that our children need to eat healthily and we put a lot of effort into ensuring they’re eating balanced meals. But we don’t always do ourselves the same courtesy. We grab meals on the go where we’re so busy, we can make unhealthy choices at times and one habit that many parents pick up is eating their child’s leftovers. It’s tempting to do so as it can feel like a waste otherwise, but these are additional calories we’re putting into our body on top of our meals, and can lead to weight gain. Staying fit and at a healthy weight is useful when you’re a parent with loads to do, you need energy to keep with your child. Be aware of what you’re eating, and at dinner time make an effort to eat a good balanced meal as a family. If there are lots of leftovers, pop them in tupperware and into the fridge and eat them during the week for a lunch, instead of having an extra portion that night. Make exercise fun by going on family hikes and bike rides together, kick a football or throw a frisbee at the park. It’s great bonding time and will keep you all active.

Drinking Alcohol in the Evening
It’s been a long day, your child has been throwing tantrums, you’ve been drowning in house work and every little thing along the way has seemed to go wrong. We all have days like this, and as a parent I’m sure you can picture the scene well. For this reason, sometimes a nice glass of wine when the kids go to bed can be a nice treat and help us to relax. However it’s when this occasional treat turns into a habit that it can start to become problematic. Alcohol dependency doesn’t just happen to the homeless people you see staggering around in parks and under subways, it can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be drinking a lot or even be feeling drunk- it’s when you start to feel like you need that drink or two to get you through the evening. If this is the case and you’re aware you’re consuming alcohol more often than you should, it’s well worth speaking to your GP or a specialist clinic about alcohol addiction treatment. Don’t let stigma hold you back from getting the help you need, as a parent you need to be fit and healthy for your children both now and in the future. Drinking too much alcohol can result in devastating outcomes.

Never Making Time For Ourselves
When you’re a parent, you don’t get a whole lot of time for yourself. Your day starts early and finishes late, and you spend all the hours in between making sure your child is fed, dressed, washed, taken to where they need to be as well as running a home. Some parents are even throwing work and their own education into the mix. However it’s important that every now and again we take time to ourselves. If your child’s grandparents or other family members offer to look after them for a few hours, run yourself a hot bath and pamper yourself. Read a book, watch some Netflix or do whatever you like to do to chill out. You’ll feel much more ready to tackle whatever parenthood throws at you afterwards!