What are the Best Degrees to Study in 2020?

When deciding which degree to study, the array of choices can sometimes be overwhelming.
There are subjects available in college which you may have never studied, and so it can be difficult
knowing if the course on offer is for you. The best advice is to keep your options as open as
possible and to try to avoid degrees that may be out of date by the time you have finished the
course. Certain technology degrees may seem immediately lucrative, but traditional degrees are
preferable for undergraduate level, as they furnish you with general, transferable skills. It is
important that you consider what you enjoy studying and try to apply that to your college choices.

Here are some of the best degrees you can study in 2020.


If you are looking for a rewarding career that involves using logic while also helping others,
medicine is the perfect choice for you. It is a dynamic program that will certainly provide you with a
job at the end of the course. Many people are dissuaded from medicine due to the length of the
course, but it’s important to remember that after three years, you can gain a medical sciences
degree that is valuable for medicine even if you don’t become a doctor. You will need to be
committed to the healthcare field and a good communicator if you choose to become a doctor, and
as such it is important that you are motivated in this path in order to achieve success.


As the world is becoming increasingly connected, language degrees are becoming extremely
popular. This is an open degree that leads to a variety of possible career paths: a language degree
could lead you towards working in government, schools or in many big businesses. If you are
hoping to travel, a language degree is an excellent idea. It will also enable you to connect with
other people throughout the world, enriching your experience of the world and its people. While
you are studying, you can also take on tutoring or translation work to pay the bills or fund activities
and hobbies.


One of the most impressive degrees to work towards is undoubtedly an architecture degree. This
degree choice is excellent for people who want to pair their creativity with pragmatism. No two
days are the same for an architect, and you will learn how to solve complex problems with ease. If
you enjoy art, design, and math, an architecture degree will suit you very well. Individuals who
succeed in the architecture field are able to imagine the world differently to the current reality – this
is a highly desirable skill. If you have the precision and dedication to study architecture, you are
guaranteed a rewarding career.

Social Work

This degree will open many doors because social workers are in demand across the globe. This is
an extremely demanding, practical career that will enable you to help people who are in the most
need in your society. If you would like an altruistic career, social work could be the perfect choice
for you.

There are hundreds of degrees to choose from in 2020; the most important thing to remember is
that you must be open-minded about which path to choose.