Best Walking Vacations In Europe

If you are a looking for solo or family vacations abroad then you will inevitably be met with a whole host of different vacation types and destinations. One of the most popular types of vacations to go on is walking vacations in Europe. They provide a laid back way of having fun and seeing the beautiful sights the country you are visiting has to offer. In order to give you a bit of help when it comes to deciding whereabouts to go for your journey, this blog post reveals the top three destinations for walking vacations in Europe.


Italy is an absolutely beautiful country with tons of stunning scenery and sights to offer. It is the perfect walking vacation if you want the option to participate in something a lot more relaxed then extreme trekking. You can go foraging for chicken of the woods mushroom and other species. Italy literally contains the full package; you have the spectacular and drastic vision of the mountains, however, on the other hand, you also have the idyllic and gorgeous crystal waters of Lake Garda, there’s literally nothing more magical than exploring the different sandy coves. The climate is also lovely; warm but not too hot, thus after enjoying a leisurely stroll, why not stop in a beautiful garden for a glass of delicious wine. 


If you are looking for something a lot more challenging that will get your adrenaline pumping then why not book a walking vacation at Mont Blanc. If you are considering this, then it is highly advisable that you spend a few days perfecting your techniques of walking in the snow and ice. You can do this whilst at Mont Blanc, as there are many facilities to ensure you get in the preparation you require. Climbing the Mont Blanc Ascent is a difficult challenge and thus it is perfect if you are someone who likes to test themselves, nevertheless, it is something which is highly rewarding and memorable – you’ll be telling your grandkids about this adventure, that’s for sure! 


Switzerland has established itself as one of the best places for walking vacations in Europe, and this is very much down to the Matterhorn Circuit. This is also a trip for those who like a challenge, and enjoy strenuous trekking. Nevertheless, just like Mont Blanc, it is certainly a rewarding challenge as there is so much to see, such as the beautiful forests and the stunning alpine meadows. It is also a trek which is filled to the brim with culture, as the mountains lie on the border of Switzerland and Italy. 

Italy, France and Switzerland are just a few of the exciting walking vacations available in Europe. Nevertheless, they are certainly three of the very best, as they have so much to offer. Obviously, where you go depends on your tastes, do you want something more relaxed? Or do you want a vacation dedicated to fierce trekking? Either way, next time you are looking for a walking vacation abroad, then make sure you consider one of these options. You won’t regret it! 

Choose the right company to book your family activity vacations with

Family activity vacations can be a great deal of fun. They provide the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to bond together and create a memorable occasion. There are a whole host of family activity vacations you can embark on, such as African safari trips, cycling vacations in America, and walking trips in Italy. Nevertheless, there are a lot of elements which need to be considered when planning an activity trip and so it is absolutely crucial that your vacation is booked and organized by the very best. 

The first thing you should look out for when selecting a travel company is their experience in the industry. Obviously, the more experience they have had – the better. Nevertheless, it is often easy to get tempted by a company which has just started up because they are offering a deal which seems too good to be true. However, by going for this option you run a huge risk of suffering from a lack of quality, and the last thing you want is for your vacation to be a bad one. If you opt for a company with experience then you know they have been doing something right to last in the industry this long. Furthermore, you also know that they have the knowledge, insight and experience to deal with whatever you may require, as the chances are they have already dealt with it many times before. 


The next thing you need to do when it comes to selecting a travel company is what we like to call a little bit of digging. Search the company online and go to relevant websites and forums to find out what previous customers have thought of the service they received and the vacation they went on. You will be able to see if the majority of people were left happy or unsatisfied. It is highly advisable that you do not merely look at the feedback given on the company’s website itself, as it is highly likely that they will only post positive reviews, therefore, giving a rather biased opinion. By doing a little digging you will be able to pick up on any bad vibes and therefore save yourself from going for a company with a bad reputation.


The third and final thing you obviously need to contemplate is the price of your potential vacation. Like I said earlier, it is not always good to go for the cheapest deal. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should be paying extortionate amounts of money for your trip. Have a look on several travel websites or use a price comparison website in order to form an idea of the average prices for the sort of vacation you are looking for, and make sure that the vacation you are considering falls into this price bracket.


If you consider these three factors then I am certain you will be able to find the right company to book your family activity vacation through.