8 Ways to Celebrate the Friday the 13th

We have a Friday the 13th this week. Did you know:800 million dollars are lost from the economy each Friday the 13th as superstitious people stay home. With so many people staying at home that makes it the perfect time to go out, so here are a few ways to celebrate Friday the 13th. Visit […]

Throwing A Baby Shower To Remember

Are you an expecting parent? Maybe you’re halfway through a pregnancy and you’re just settling properly into the idea of being a mother or father one day. But before that day comes, make sure you take the time right now to celebrate the upcoming arrival, and your own experience with approaching parenthood; you deserve it! […]

11 Tasty Trifle Recipes

This list of 11 Tasty Trifles Recipes is sure to delight and with several different trifles for chocolate lovers it’s a must have. The thing that I like about it trifles, is that like most of my other recipes they are relatively easy. For the most part… Remember, the Friends episode where Monica let Rachel […]

8 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for a 1-Year Old

This past weekend my foster daughter turned 1, so I decided to throw her a little party and share her special day with some family and friends. I didn’t want to go to crazy because money is tight with my surgery coming up but I still wanted the day to be special and it was […]

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