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Creepy Eye Sensory Bag

My daughter is obsessed by all things “creepy”. She loves Coraline and wants a doll with “creepy eyes”, so I thought this would be a fun way to help her with her hand eye coordination.

Craft Eyes in assorted colors (find them at dollar tree)
Hair Gel
Zipper Seal Bags

Draw large circles on a 1 gal. zipper seal bag. Use the colors of sharpies that match the colors of buttons you are using.

Put a few squirts of hair gel into the bag.About 3 tablespoons worth is adequate. Don’t over fill.

Add a handful of eyes to the mix and seal the bag well.

Offer to your child. Encourage your child to slide the eyes through the gel and land them in the color of circle that matches the color of the eye.

When your child has moved all of the eyes into the circles, you can mix them up again, or check the seal and save for another time.

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