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EASTER Fruit Chicks and Bunny Pudding Cups ~ Adorable Easter Treats

Easter Chick Fruit Cups


Pineapple or peaches fruit cups
Yellow craft feathers
Orange craft foam
Googly eyes


Draw a diamond shape onto a piece of orange craft foam.

Cut the diamond shape out of the craft foam.

Draw the shape of two chick feet onto a piece of orange craft foam. Leave a bit of blank space at the top of the feet shapes so that there is room to glue them under the fruit cup. You can use the photo for reference on how to create this shape.

Use glue to attach the two feet to the bottom of an upside down fruit cup.

Glue two googly eyes to the front of the upside down fruit cup.

Pinch the orange foam diamond shape that you cut out until it forms a closed beak for your chick. Glue the closed beak to the front of your fruit cup, under the googly eyes. Once glued, the beak will pop back open slightly, but that is okay.

Use glue to attach one yellow feather to either side of the bottom of the fruit cup.

Bunny Snack Cups


● Vanilla pudding snack cups
● White craft foam
● Pink craft foam
● Small pink craft pom pom
● Medium white craft pom pom
● Pink pipe cleaner
● Googly eyes
● Glue
● Scissors
● Pencil


Begin by drawing the shape of two bunny ears on a piece of pink craft foam. Use the size of the pudding snack cup for reference, and make the ears the shape of two tall rounded hills.

Draw the same shape, only on a smaller scale onto a piece of white craft foam. This will be the inside of your bunny’s ears, so make sure that these shapes are small enough to fit inside the ones that you drew on the pink craft foam.

Cut out both the pink and the white craft foam shapes.

Glue the white craft foam shapes onto the bottom center of the pink craft foam shapes.

Using glue, attach your bunny ear shapes to the top of the back of a vanilla pudding cup that has been turned upside down.

Glue a pair of googly eyes to the front of your upside down pudding cup.

Attach a small pink craft pom pom to the front of the upside down pudding cup below the googly eyes, this will be your bunny’s nose.

Cut a pipe cleaner into small equal pieces, about an inch long.

Glue a medium white pom pom to the bottom of the back of your upside down pudding cup, below where you glued the ears, this is your bunny’s tail.

Use glue to attach two pipe cleaner pieces to either side of the craft pom pom nose on the front of the upside down pudding cup. These will be your bunny’s whiskers.

You all know I love fun food for the holidays, so I fell in love with these adorable Easter treats.  These fruit chicks and bunny pudding cups are so easy to make and the kids just absolutely love them.

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