How Tech Will Help The Elderly

If you think about your parents or maybe even your grandparents, sometimes you might think about how their quality of life is, especially in a world where things seem to move at a rapid pace and technology is ever-present in people’s lives. You might wonder how it is for your parents or grandparents, and you might even ponder how your life will look like when you get a bit older. 

With all the distinct physical challenges that come with getting older such as being frailer, diminishing sight and hearing, and having less energy in general, affect you.  

How will technology help you when you are older and maintain perhaps a higher quality of life than that your parents or grandparents have right now?

Assisted AI Living

The future will allow people to live independently for longer. For most people losing their independence is the biggest negative of getting older. Not being able to set your own schedule and decide when to get up, when to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and being able to go out when you want, is hugely impactful. 

Empowering people to stay independent for longer will be an immediate improvement to the quality of life. Think of smart robot assistants that monitor and help people with everyday tasks. Think of smart home appliances that make it easier for people to make a cup of tea, ensure the stove is off when not in use, a smart shower that assists and monitors to ensure a safe environment. There are even smart adult diapers that can notify users they need to change themselves. 

Eyes and Ears

There is also the expected diminishment of sight and sound. There will be more devices, such as laptops and mobile phones geared towards the elderly. With big buttons and large high contrast displays that help individuals use these devices with ease. 

There is also plenty of innovation in hearing aids that offer better performance through more intricate (smart) tuning and higher fidelity, reducing background noise. It’s already happening, learn more about how smartphone hearing aid apps are enhancing people’s lives. There is even talk of AR devices that help the elderly navigate the world more easily. 

Imagine a set of glasses that provide clear directions of where to go and to warning signs when you inadvertently are maneuvering yourself in a dangerous situation. 


Then there is mobility. Even the age-old cane is getting an upgrade in the future (as walkers will as well). Stabilization tech and design will further enhance and support walking for the elderly, with built-in connectivity and GPS capabilities making the walking cane a walking aide to the fullest extent. Also, with the imminent arrival of self-driving cars, long-distance mobility seems to be covered as well. 

With old age being able to drive safely yourself is greatly compromised, which in turn removed a great deal of independence. Having your own car and being driven around safely is a great way to ensure you are still participating in social life.