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Fighting Alongside A Loved One Fighting Addiction

Addictions can be one of the trickiest topics to broach when talking about health. Not to mention a pretty scary one. However, if you’re concerned that your loved one is fighting addiction, then it can be a huge support to have you in their corner. As such, here are some of the ways you can be the support that they need.

Be mindful of your own safety

We might not like to think that our loved ones can cause us harm but, unfortunately, addiction can lead to some major behavioral changes and can cause people to take actions they would never do rationally. As such, you have to be willing to protect yourself by distancing yourself from them if necessary. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you’re not taking any actions that might be enabling their use, such as covering up for any lies they might tell or providing them money to indulge in their addiction.

Get to know what you’re talking about

One of the biggest issues about how we address addiction is that a lot of people tend to talk authoritatively about things that they know enough about. Addiction is not a moral failure nor is it a decision for a lot of people. It’s a dependency that can take control of their life and affect their decision-making capabilities. This doesn’t mean that you try to absolve your loved one of their responsibility, especially over their own recovery, but you have to make sure that your support and advice come from the correct place.

Help them get help

Reaching out to get the professional help that your loved one needs might be a scary thing. A lot of people will look at other options before it because it would mean confronting addiction head-on. However, if your loved one has admitted that they have a problem, you can help them by researching their different options and finding those that might be best suited to their needs. Finding the treatment options like alcohol rehab centers and being with them as they look into those options can help make treatment much more approachable. In some cases, professional help can truly be necessary in helping remove an individual from the environment and factors that might be a contributing factor to their addiction in the first place.

Supporting their ongoing recovery

Getting help from a professional is not the end of the recovery journey. Many recovery specialists consider it to be just the beginning, in fact. As such, if you’re able to support a loved one through treatment, you can support them even further by helping them stay healthy and motivated. Getting into health habits such as exercise, diet, and avoiding indulgences (not just their past addiction) can be a huge help in building a lifestyle that doesn’t rely on the use of illicit substances.

Dealing with addiction can be tough to navigate. However, it can be a lot more manageable with the right help. Hopefully, the tips above help you fight alongside the addict in your life.


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