Get Glowing, Get Gorgeous – At Any Age

No matter where you are in life, it’s natural to want to look and feel your best. Deep down, we all know it’s what on the inside that really counts, but equally there is nothing like the confidence boost that comes from knowing you look like the best version of yourself. True beauty comes from taking care of your body, your mind and your soul – plus a few little tips and tricks along the way. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the type to layer ten different skincare products at night, or spend an hour doing your hair and make-up in the morning (although if you are, that’s equally great!). With just a few simple self-care steps, you can make the most of your natural assets and look glowing and gorgeous at any age.

Understand Your Body Type

A huge step in having a great appearance is knowing the clothing styles which fit and flatter you. So understanding your body type is key to knowing what will look good. Start by taking your body measurements with a tape measure, so you have an accurate base. You can then use different clothing styles to flatter your figure, with different cuts or styles able to visually elongate, shorten, enhance or disguise. Once you have figured out what suits you, it’s easier to feel comfortable and know you look great rather than just following the latest trends which may not look as good.

Sort Out Your Sleep Hygiene

Great sleep is the foundation of good health, mental wellbeing and great looks. It’s absolutely fundamental to how you feel and engage with the world. When you don’t get the correct amount of rest, your mental and physical energy is at a low. And yet more of us than ever are suffering with chronic insomnia and sleeplessness. Good sleep hygiene is essential – this means banning blue-light emitting electronic devices like smartphones and tablets from the room, as they disrupt the body’s production of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone. How many times have you intended to get an early night, only to find you’re still mindlessly scrolling social media into the small hours? Make a break and ban tech from the bedroom – you could get an analogue alarm clock to make sure the space is as restful as possible. Your bedroom also needs to be an optimal temperature for sleeping, which is slightly on the cool side. Make sure that you have blackout blinds or curtains fitted to stop light intruding. If you have extra trouble dropping off at night, try using a lavender pillow spray to calm things down or downloading a mindfulness app to listen to right before bed.

Image via Pexels – CC0 Licence

Balance Your Diet

They say we are what we eat, and it’s certainly true that you will notice a mental and physical difference if you subsist on a diet heavy in processed foods and sugar-laden treats. We know that they aren’t good for us, but sometimes we tell ourselves that we deserve it or that we are too busy to cook properly. That cover story can’t last forever though, and your health is better supported by making sure that you are eating a well balanced diet. Aim to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruits and vegetables every day and look up some simple, healthy recipes with superfoods to turbo boost your health. You could add a powered supergreens supplement to smoothies, juices or soups as this significantly increases the nutrients that your body is absorbing. Stick to fresh, seasonal foods and try to lay off pre-packaged options, ready meals and take out – the longer the ingredients list, the worse a product generally is for you. It doesn’t mean you can have the odd treat, but if your diet is fairly clean and nutritious on most days, your health will benefit. Feeling extra sluggish and looking for a kick start? You could try a flexitarian diet –  where you go meat-free for one or two days a week – or even add some vegan or gluten-free recipes into your weekly rotation for a bit of variation and to up the amount of vitamins in your food.

Get Your Eyes And Smile On Point

Two things which make a big difference to our appearance, but which are often overlooked? Our eyes and our smile. Giving those a makeover can make a world of difference. First of all, if you wear glasses then make sure you invest in a pair of frames which flatter your face shape and your coloring. There are so many options to choose from now, with hundreds of designer frames available at a discount online – and most shops now have the facility to upload a photograph so you can virtually ‘try on’ different styles and see how they look on you before placing an order. The right pair of frames can really flatter your face, enhance your eye colour or draw attention to a great jawline or pair of cheekbones – they really become an enhancement to your beauty if you get them right. The same goes for your smile – a white, even, polished set of teeth is absolutely beautiful. There are so many treatments available to give your smile a makeover – from something as simple as at-home whitening strips to professional laser teeth whitening. You could also look into something like Invisalign if you have crooked or gappy teeth – these are practically invisible braces which subtly correct your smile. And when you know your teeth look great, you actually want to smile more, which instantly makes you more attractive.

Nail Your Personal Style

We all feel at our personal best when we’re looking and feeling good. How we get there is understanding our personal style and selecting pieces that best complement our lifestyles, circumstances, body shapes and self-image. But with all those factors, it can be easier said than done. Often times, as our personal circumstances change we can feel a bit lost. Perhaps we’re making the transition from student to young professional, or we’ve started a family and find that kids have more of an impact on our wardrobes that we’d like. Knowing how to adapt when life changes and still maintain your own sense of identity can be challenging, but if we achieve it, highly rewarding. Start by making a vision board on Pinterest, filled with inspirational figures, styles and clothing pieces that you are drawn to. Next, have a serious wardrobe declutter. Get everything out and divide it into three piles – things to keep, things to mend, and those that can be donated to charity. If there are items you don’t fit in to, or that you’re saving for a special occasion that doesn’t come, then consider rehoming them.Now you’ve cleared the decks, you can think about filling in the gaps in your wardrobe with items that are more relevant. But don’t make the mistake of running down to the shops without a plan. Go back through your inspiration board and make a list of the key pieces that occur time and again in the outfits you love – is it a leather pencil skirt? A well-fitted pair of jeans? A silk shirt? Get savvy by buying the best quality you can afford –join mailing lists and hunt down sales, but only buy the items on your list to avoid off-track impulse purchases. Focus only on the gaps to nail the style you like.

Looking amazing – and getting your glow back – doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. Just a few small changes are usually enough to get you feeling great.