Gift Ideas For The Young At Heart: Life Begins At 40, Right?

As you get older, birthdays and receiving gifts are just not all it is cracked up to be anymore. Especially with a young family. You tend to focus all your energy on them and their life milestones, instead of your own. This can often mean that giving a gift to someone who is older can become a little boring. You may give flowers and chocolates, perhaps a gift voucher for their favorite store. But where is the fun in that? Life isn’t over when you hit 40, it can only just be beginning, and so next time, why not give a gift that is for the young at heart? Here are some suggestions to help you feel inspired.


Who says scooters and hoverboards are just for teens?

Often things like roller blades, scooters and hoverboards are just gifted to teenagers and young adults, but who’s to say that this is the only age group they are suitable for? These things can be immense fun, and also they can be exhilarating and good for fitness, so whether you look online for a hoverboard for sale or whether you invest in a micro scooter suitable for adults, this could be an excellent gift and one that the whole family can get on board with. When you hot a certain age, the impression that fun isn’t part of the lifestyle anymore is a myth, and often gifts like this not only have a fun element, but they can bring out laughter and happiness.

Give the gift of an experience

As you get older, you certainly value opportunities for making memories much more than you do materialistic things. It is the chance to experience something, either on your own or with the people you love the most. This is when the gift of an experience could prove worthwhile. There are so many things you could consider. Examples include, racing a sports car around a track, taking a ride in a hot air balloon, swimming with dolphins or enjoying a skydiving experience. However, if you don’t want things that are too adventurous, then even the experience of eating somewhere specific or enjoying an afternoon tea can also be great gift experiences to give. Think outside of the box and be bold. The chance to make the memory will be so appreciated.

Get dressed up and head out for the day

A great option is to consider getting dressed up for the day and heading out. It might be that you treat the person to lunch or a child free day out. Maybe a shopping trip or a road trip into a new town or village to explore. The option of just doing something outside of the normal routine can be really freeing and help you to enjoy the time together. It could be friends doing this, or treating your significant other.

A personal shopping experience

Finally, maybe booking that person in for a personal shopping experience could be a great gift. While you don’t want to tell someone they need help with their style, often as you get older you can get into a style rut, and this could help that person be open to new styles, colors and fits that they never considered before.

Let’s hope this has given you some ideas on what you can to as gifts.