Ways To Heal Your Body And Soul This Winter

2020 has been a year harder than most, and many of us feel like we are trapped in some sort of weird limbo where every day is exactly the same as the last.

Being trapped in a time like this can be hard and it can have an impact on our physical and mental health. A lot of us have struggled with mental issues this year and a feeling of confinement; and many of us have also put weight on simply from lack of exercise and boredom. Today we want to take a look at ways that we can become healthier for the winter season and get back on track for a happier 2021. 

Step outside 

If you don’t have the luxury of a garden at your home, lockdown has likely been much harder than most and can lead to issues such as cramping of the muscles, depression & hearing loss and more. Getting outside for fresh air is important for us to stay healthy and happy, and now is the time to head outside and enjoy the fresh air on your own or with your family. If possible, try to incorporate a walk into your daily routine even if it is only 30 minutes. Being outside is good for the body and the soul and it will make a massive difference to your physical and mental health. 

Take vitamins 

Now that the flu season is beginning, it is more important than ever to create a strong body to fight off these bugs. Multivitamin tablets or sweets should be a part of your everyday routine and they will help keep your body in tip top shape all winter long! 

Make colorful meals 

Following on from taking vitamins; another way to ensure you get enough nutrients into your body every day is to make colorful meals. Every vegetable contains different vitamins and minerals- and these vitamins and minerals will determine the color of said food. For example yellow and orange foods contain lots of vitamin C, red and purple foods contain lots of antioxidants, and green leafy vegetables contain iron, zinc and more. When creating a meal for yourself, try to mix as many colors as possible on your plate! 

Work hard, play hard 

If you are still working from home during this pandemic or you are back at it full time, it can be easy to get carried away and find ourselves working too hard. It is important to remember work-life balance and really value your home life as much as your work life. Make time in the evenings to do things you love to do, spend time with your favorite people, and enjoy your time away from the office. 

Eat chocolate 

Staying healthy and happy during the winter can be hard with the plethora of treats in stores, but there is one treat you can afford to indulge on a little bit: chocolate. Chocolate not only forces the body to release serotonin: the happy hormone, but it can also aid digestion. 70% and above chocolate helps aid healthy digestion and can be a great food to eat to avoid IBS.    

So use our tips this winter to stay healthy and happy during the winter,  and get yourself back on track for the new year!