Health Issues To Be Aware Of In Your 40s


When we begin to grow older, a lot of strain can be put on our bodies as our cells begin to degrade at a faster rate to regeneration. This is why we age, and why we end up suffering from more health issues. 

As you reach the age of 40 and beyond, you may start to experience more trouble with your body and we want to share some of the most common things you might experience today as well as how to combat them. 

Growing older is not a scary thing, and as long as we take steps to stay healthy we shouldn’t be held back by these small issues.

Loss of hearing 

Hearing loss is a common thing to happen to us as we grow older. You’ll notice the signs of hearing loss if you suddenly have to ask people to repeat everything they say or you are constantly turning up the volume on your TV. Of course, hearing aids are a brilliant way to combat hearing loss and help you to maintain it; and you can also consider cleaning out your ears of wax more often as well as eating foods such as salmon which promote better hearing. 

Loss of sight 

Most of us will start to lose our sight as we grow older and this is one of the most common issues we face. Aside from getting glasses of contact lenses, you can also consider spending less time in front of harsh screens as well as doing more eye exercises to keep them strong and focused. There are some great eye exercises you can do such as moving the eyes from side to side and up and down, and practicing focusing on objects or text that is far away. 

Aching joints 

Aching joints are a natural part of ageing and we all will suffer from this at one point or another. If you are suddenly finding that getting up from your chair is more difficult than it used to be or your are having trouble walking too far – it is time to practice some yoga. Yoga is a way to strengthen your muscles and lengthen your joints – and it is an important part of staying flexible and nimble as you grow older. 

Raynaud’s disorder 

This is something that impacts a lot of us and it is more common than you think. Raynaud’s disorder is one which is characterised by poor circulation to the hands and feet. People can suffer with it at any age however it is more common with older people. If you find that when you’ve been outside for a while your hands go cold and you can’t move your joints – it is a good idea to wear thicker gloves. Wearing gloves and eating ginger can ease pain as well as improve circulation. Ginger has been proven to heat up the body and help get blood flowing to those fingers and toes. 

We hope you use our little tips to stay healthy and fit as you grow older and start to suffer from these problems.