3 Health Issues To Watch As You Age

Age comes for us all. Some are more willing to accept that fact than others. We can see this in our celebrities, some that we might have followed since childhood. There is no problem with having cosmetic surgery as a consenting, paying and willing adult of course, but we can often see how some of these public figures might return from work looking much different than they used to. There are countless examples of this, and it’s all to chase and retain the perfection of youth. To continue with the celebrities example, it’s often clear to see those who have aged spectacularly well, with grace and class. There are also countless examples of this. Dame Helen Mirren, or Sigourney Weaver for example. These people understand that age yields its own beauty, in dignity and grace.

However, age is not all about appearance. We all age cosmetically, but we certainly all age regarding matters of our health. This is just a fact of life. There are problems that naturally will occur, and might need your maintenance to overcome. Of course, this is no great failing in a human being. It just might be you need to keep an eye out and know what to expect.

With that said, we’d like to discuss three health problems you may consider keeping an eye on, that might occur in middle age:

Overactive Bladder

It’s quite common for our bladders to play a little havoc with us in older age. An overactive bladder is quite a common issue, but it’s not a normal happenstance. That means you may need to immediately visit your local urologist and have your bladder seen to, or to take prescribed antibiotics to rid yourself of an infection. Sometimes the issue might become diagnosed as something else, such as a weak pelvic floor muscle that Kegels could in fact fix. It’s important to see a specialist here, because of course this issue can be quite embarrassing.

Prostate Issues (Men)

Men are at a higher risk of prostate cancer as they get older, but the process of having it checked can be a little humbling, to say the least. As such, many men avoid having it ever checked. Do not be this man. While a few seconds of discomfort can be something to worry about if you’re sensitive, catching a potentially fatal disease is more than worth it. This might mean forcing your husband to go, or simply plucking up the courage to speak to your Doctor. It is more than worth it, so why not book an appointment this week?

Easier Weight Gain

Unfortunately, it’s harder to keep off the pounds as we age! It is very easy to become bigger than we’d like to be, but unfortunately, the difficulty of doing so is also harder to deal for us middle-aged folk. For this reason, doing everything in your power to maintain a healthy weight could be considered absolutely essential, and should be if you know what’s good for you. We’d recommend cutting out the unnecessary carbohydrates, switching to healthy fats and getting lots of protein and exercise, even if that’s just a simple morning walk around the village. To be your best self you will need to keep an eye on your waistline. This is also more than achievable if you try.


Keeping an eye on these simple health issues can quite annoying and irritating, but managing them can help you live as your best self. Isn’t that always worthwhile?