Healthier Alternatives To Negative Lifestyle Habits

Our lives are comprised of many different habits. They give us direction, however these directions can point towards good or bad circumstances. People think of habits as a collection of vices, but it’s really almost everything you do. It might be how you greet your neighbor in the morning, or how you greet your spouse when coming home from work. It might be how much you hug your child in a day, or how you respond to difficult road situations. It might be what you do in your free time, or what material you look for in your morning newspaper. Our habits are all around us, and they usually form naturally. However, sometimes they can betray us. It might be that you’ve picked up something difficult, such as gambling, or video gaming many times in one month.

There are healthier alternatives to almost anything however. Often, instead of fighting an old habit, building a new one can be the healthiest approach. In the following article we will attempt to do that, and hopefully give you more reason to find your daily life more enjoyable:


Being sedentary can be very hard on your body. Not only does it fatigue you, but it can deteriorate your entire system over time. This culminates in a higher resting heart rate and the entropy of your muscles. There is almost no method of resolving this better than getting some exercise. This means getting off the couch and doing a program such as ‘Couch to 5k,’ which can prove to exercise your entire system from the moment you get up off the couch. This helps you work out in incremental steps. A day’s effort, and a small victory each time you wake up, can lend itself to your overall daily functioning in much better ways than you might expect.


Smoking is obviously a habit that we can all find reasons to despise. It’s dirty, will poison you and drain your wallet in the process. Most people are aware of why smoking is so nasty and difficult, but many continue to do it. This is a real shame when very suitable alternatives such as Portable Hookahs exist. Not only can these help wean you away from nicotine, but can provide you with a much more comfortable, much less damaging substitute to help you slowly get back to normal.


There are alternatives to drinking, and you might be surprised at how good they can feel. While many of us enjoy a nice glass of wine, or a craft beer after a long week, sometimes replacing that with a health tonic, or a smoothie or an artisan tea can help us relax without the hard headache in the morning. As we get older it becomes very common for us to find ourselves cringing at the thought of multiple day hangovers. Simply take days off, or replace it with something that makes you feel comfortable and infuses your body with healthy aid. This can be a wonderful natural alternative, and before long you’ll start to prize your body without that substance.

With these simple tips, you might begin to follow much healthier, much more comforting personal habits to see you through.