Happy Healthy Kids

How to Raise Happier Emotionally Balanced Children

No one starts a family with a working manuscript of how to raise healthy all-rounded children. You have to figure it on the way. However, technology has made it easier for new parents to get more informed and equipped with the skills they need to raise a happier and healthier family. 

You can check online, buy books or ask for advice from older parents. Nevertheless, most of the time, you’ll have to figure out what works best for your family. Here are tips that will help you raise happier and emotionally healthier children. 

Get Out More Often

Before the age of gadgets, kids spent more time outdoors playing with other kids and exploring. Riding bikes, climbing trees, trekking, swimming, playing tag barefoot, and swimming were just some of the activities children looked forward to.

Today, kids spend an average of four hours a week outside, which means they don’t get enough sunlight, fresh air, or the outdoor experience. 

To encourage kids to get out more often, you too join them in the outdoor games. Explore new places as a family and, when possible, go fishing. Fishing will teach them how to appreciate nature, build confidence, improve coordination and learn how to persevere and be patient. Also, it will create a stronger family bond.

When going fishing with plastic worms, make sure to carry enough. You don’t want to cut your day short just because you didn’t bring enough worms.    

Give them Responsibilities 

Children ought to learn how to be responsible and hardworking from a young age. Give them age-appropriate chores and make sure each one does theirs on time. Have a set time when everyone does their tasks, and during the exercise, no one should use phones or other devices. 

The best time to have chores done is after breakfast when everyone is energetic and fresh. Give the kids more duties on weekends than on school days. 

Be Emotionally Involved

Your kids expect you to be involved in their lives and offer support when they need it. They, too, go through challenges, some of which they will not directly reveal to you. When this happens, they might withdraw or adapt strange behaviors. Make it easier for your children to approach you when they are in trouble or facing difficulties

Also, learn how to handle such situations calmly without discouraging the child from sharing such information in the future. Also, be sensitive to their feelings even when it seems trivial to you. Understand that they are still growing up, and your support will help them get through confusing and challenging times. 

Spend More Time with Them

You’ll get to build strong bonds when you spend more time with your children. You get to know how they are faring on, their friends, challenges, and successes. You’ll also pick any funny or worrying behaviors during your time together and take the necessary action before it’s too late. 

It’s not all the time you’ll do things your children will agree to but as long as you shape their lives in the right direction, keep focused. One day, they will appreciate your effort. 


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