Improve Your Wellbeing – Whatever Your Age

Summer’s still with us, the sun’s shining – and family life feels just great, doesn’t it?

Apart from those annoying aches and pains you keep having. Or perhaps your partner feels tired and drained all the time?

The pressures of day to day life can take a toll on everyone’s health after all – particularly from mid life onwards. But this is a great time of year to make important changes. And start taking strides to improve your wellbeing.

Make a plan which includes some SMART goals

The first thing to do is think about where you all are now – and what you’d like to improve – just be honest and realistic.  Where would you like to be or what do you specifically want to change or improve?

Set yourself some simple steps that you could take to improve your overall health – and set SMART goals.  Reward yourself for every achievement – even if it’s something as simple as getting off the bus a stop earlier.  Maybe try taking some fruit to work for your ‘afternoon slump’ snack, instead of the usual crisps or chocolate bar.

Which brings us to the second important point..

Eat well…or at least eat better

Summer is a fantastic time to improve your diet – with so much fresh fruit and produce being readily available.  So try filling family meals with salad, for example – and make that the main focal point.

There are lots of low fat dressings available if you find it a bit bland – then add a small portion of protein and carbs.  A little flavored grilled chicken is always delicious – and any type of oily fish helps you get valuable Omega 3.  These fish tacos are the perfect example of a healthy and delicious meal.  

Get plenty of sleep

We all need to get enough sleep and, when we don’t, it’s not just our mood that suffers the consequences.  It’s terrible for our health in the long run – so aim to get at least seven to eight hours a night if you can.

You’ll look and feel much better for it – and your whole health will improve too – which is great news.

Exercise as much possible, but start slowly

Why not take the opportunity the warmer weather provides, to get out and do even a little gentle exercise? 

You can take this in small steps – if you haven’t exercised for a while, that’s often most sensible. Try walking the last half mile to work, maybe, or going for a slow jog in the park when you get home.  Just taking the stairs instead of a lift, is helpful – it’s really whatever suits you and your lifestyle most successfully.  

Even if you’re a senior with mobility problems, there are great balance exercises you can do with elderly walkers.  These improve your flexibility, which can prevent falls – and help you stay independent in the longer term.  If you’re caring for older parents, you could even try some of these exercises together.

We think this season provides fabulous opportunities to get fitter, lose a few pounds, eat better and stay mobile.. And, with a few simple steps, you could seriously improve your family’s wellbeing this summer.