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Lil Cuddlers Infant Head Shaping Pillow

A common concern among new moms is the possibility of baby getting a flat head. My foster son started getting a little bit of one so I looked into some ways to correct it without having to go the helmet route. I found this baby head shaping pillow from Lil Cuddlers on Amazon so I decided to give it a try. It was great. Within just a few weeks I started noticing a difference in the shape of his head. I love that the pillow is so small and portable. As a foster parent, we weren’t able to use it in the crib so we only used it in the pack and play and his bouncy seat but it’s amazing how much it helped. I suffer from migraines so I decided to try the pillow while I was lounging in my recliner. It helped tremendously! My migraines begin in my neck so putting my head flat on the recliner caused some tension in my neck. The pillow is the perfect height that it puts my neck in a more comfortable position and alleviate the pain in the back of my neck and head making me a happy mommy.

I took a little video of the pillow in the crib using one of my daughters baby dolls. I obviously can’t take a video of a child in foster care, but you can see how well made the pillow is and how comfortable it will be for baby.

The baby head shaping pillow by Lil Cuddlers is ergonomically designed to prevent and correct mild cases of flat head syndrome also known as plagiocephaly. Most other baby flathead pillows come with an open-faced box exposing your product to environmental toxins such as oils, dirt, and other debris during the shipping process.

The pillow is super high quality and is in an enclosed box to help prevent the pillow from coming into contact with any environmental dirt or odors during the shipping process, ensuring your baby receives a clean and ready to use pillow.

Made from Comfort Memory Foam – This anti flat head baby pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and 100% cotton breathable fabric to give your baby the best comfort that is built to last.

❤️ Heart-shaped designed with a hole in the middle plus slight concave angle for optimum comfort and head, neck support. By helping to distribute pressure evenly over the skull this design makes this the infant head shape pillow you’ve been looking for.

? Free Pillowcase Included
This infant head shaping pillow comes with a free removable cover so you can protect your baby’s pillow from getting dirty or soiled. Just wash the cover either by hand or with other delicates on a gentle cycle it’s really that simple!

? Portable & Easy To Use on the Go
The perfect portable flat head pillow for babies. It’s flexible, easy to use, and carry wherever you go. With it’s small compact and lightweight design you can make sure your baby has a soft place to lay their head. No matter where you need to position your baby’s head you can take this newborn baby pillow with you. Crib, bed, car seat, stroller, or any other place you can think of.

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