Why When It Comes To Your Health, Never Take No For An Answer

Health is precious. In fact, it impacts on our day to day experience so much that many people regard it as the most critical thing in life to take care of. Of course, that means when it comes to being healthy, we need to keep on pushing for better, even when there are things that are resisting us and holding us back. In fact, when it comes to health, the questions below are ones you should never take no as an answer for. Read on to find out what they are. 

Am I prioritizing my health?

If you ask the question above and get the answer no, then you could be storing up trouble for yourself for later. In fact, our bodies are often so good at surviving and adapting that we can live in relatively unhealthy ways and not feel the effects right away. Unfortunately, the damage is still being done. The reason is that as well as being adaptive, our systems are also highly complex and sensitive. Something that means if we do damage now, we may feel its full force later on. 

With that in mind, it is essential to not take no for an answer when it comes to prioritizing your own health. It’s not that you have to make substantial unsustainable changes immediately, but instead, make small,  manageable steps to being healthier each day. Such as including vegetables at every meal, getting at least 10 minutes of exercise a day, and building up slowly from there. Your future self will thank you for it. 

Is there a more effective treatment? 

Another question that you should never take no as an answer for is whether there is a more effective treatment for the condition you have. In fact, while getting treatment is vital for health for a range of mental and social issues, some treatments do also come with some nasty side effects. Something that can even damage healthy parts of your body while going on. Cancer radiotherapy being a prime example of this. 

Of course, as such a disease is already so devastating to the body, any additional damage is only gonna make things more difficult. Fortunately, there are treatments like the ones the Oklahoma Proton Center offers that are effective but less harmful to the healthy parts of your body. Something that means you can retain a better quality of life, even while you are being treated. 

Do I need to ask for some help with getting well? 

Sometimes the question you need to not answer with a no, is whether you should reach out and get help. Unfortunately, there are often many barriers that prevent people from getting the support and treatment they need, including fear of diagnosis, shame, cost concerns, and the like. 

However, because health is so important, you mustn’t let such issues shape your answer into being a no. When what it should be is a yes. In fact, quite literally, your health, and maybe even your life, depend on this.