Online Or Offline: Where Will You Progress?

As more elements of daily life shift to online, online vs offline is a common argument. Many people talk about shopping, but it’s not just the high street; many industries are struggling with it and others who benefit from both the online and physical world, so what do you think?


The most significant difference between the online and offline study is the location. If you are studying offline and doing traditional face-to-face learning, then you need to get to wherever it is that the lessons are taking place. If you opt for online education, you can take part from anywhere in the world, you need the internet, and you’re good to go.

The other good thing about online education is the choice of courses when you don’t have to consider the location. You can study anything from a course in internet safety to a neonatal nurse practitioner program. The benefits of online or offline learning are very similar, and despite people assuming that online study is an easy route, it isn’t. Both options require the same amount of work, and in fact, online learning demands more self-discipline and motivation. Aside from that, the qualifications are both internationally, and the standards of education are also identical.

Job Hunting

Rather than comparing the two means of finding a job, the best thing to do is combine both; you should try looking for a job online and looking for one offline too. Go on the internet to find out all the information you can and then get in contact directly with the companies you want to work for.

Make use of Linkedin to connect with people or to find out who is working in HR. Use the online tools you have available to you, but don’t solely rely on job search engines or jobs boards. If you have applied for something online, show initiative by following up or even showing your face and asking about the role. While you might think you will look a little over the top, if someone else takes the initiative and pops in and has a friendly conversation with whoever is hiring, they will have the upper hand, so you have nothing to lose by getting in there yourself.


Online dating used to be seen as something for lonely people and people who couldn’t get dates in real life. Times have changed, and now, nearly everyone is putting themselves out there online. This means there is now an excellent reason to do it if there are loads of other people doing it, your chances of finding someone are pretty high. There are also tons of success stories about people who met online, even if it’s not a dating site, people have met on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   I met my current boyfriend online because I realized that as a single mom who rarely gets out, I wouldn’t meet someone if I didn’t put myself out there.  There are risks though…  Scammers who pretend to be military personnel or oil workers and then eventually ask you for money.  I had several of those who contacted me but luckily, I never fell for it.  There are also plenty of people who lie about their age, weight, height, income, and marital status which can be off-putting after a few bad dates, but that can happen if you meet someone in a bar too.