Skincare for Men

Men’s moisturizer isn’t a product that readily appears in men’s bathroom cabinets up and down the country. In fact, skincare often isn’t at the top of men’s grooming and health regimes at all. Perhaps this is because walking down the skincare aisle and choosing between the various products and brands on offer can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. 

However, great looking skin is easy if you follow the hints and tips below to keep it smooth and supple. Read on to find out how moisturizers could help you avoid the daily wear and tear which will age your skin over time. Not only are skin products critical in terms of making your skin look great but they can help in preventing conditions, like skin rashes and irritations. Make sure this extends to your mouth too. Dental issues are often a cause of oral tumors. This shows why looking after your skin and teeth are so important. It is easy to think that you only need to do this in order for appearance purposes but it goes a lot deeper than this. 

Do ‘Real Men’ Use moisturizer? 

Men’s moisturizer is used by a growing number of men. But for some, it is deemed too ‘girly’ and not ‘manly enough’ even if it can prevent dry skin, protect from the elements, and keep skin looking younger and healthier. So the question is: do real men use moisturizer? 

The term ‘real man’ doesn’t actually mean anything. A ‘real man’ is someone who identifies with being male, and there’s nothing more to it than that. And yet the phrase is used often, and can cause bullying even now, in the twenty-first century. Men’s moisturizer is used by a large number of men, and it certainly doesn’t take away their maleness – nothing can do that. Yet the problem remains that those who worry about such things have to find fault. One thing that helps the cause, and shows men and women just how great male moisturizer is, is when people who are perceived to be ultra-masculine proudly declare that they use it. When Ross Kemp recently did just that, he (perhaps unknowingly) will have shown an entire generation of men that male grooming is okay. Ross Kemp loves his moisturizer. He travels to some inhospitable countries in which the climate is incredibly bad for the skin, so moisturizing every day with a product that includes a high SPF is, in his words, essential. But Kemp also moisturizes when he is at home too, because he knows it’s good for his skin. He even gave his best friend moisturizer as a gift!

Know Your Skin Type For A Better Male Grooming Routine

Before buying your new moisturizer, you need to know your skin type. This will have a big effect on the type of moisturizer you require. It’s true to say that men will usually want to keep their skin care routine as simple as they can. But this shouldn’t mean that you can take a one-size-fits-all approach. You need to understand what you want to get from your moisturizer and this is informed by your skin type. There are several skin types including sensitive, oily, dry, normal and combination. Sensitive skin easily reddens, stings or burns when using products. Dry skin is prone to flaking, while shiny patches usually equate to oily skin. If you tend to have patches of both on the facial area, for instance, then you are likely to have normal/ combination skin. Adapt the type of moisturizer you buy to your skin type, so if greasy, you should use a men’s moisturizer for oily skin. It’s usually worth avoiding moisturizers with ‘heavy’ or oil-based formulas which will only create more problems. Use the best men’s moisturizer for dry skin you can afford; and the best regime is to first use a moisturizing cleanser, then follow this with a richer moisturizer. Men with dry skin should also moisturize twice a day – morning and evening. If you have normal or combination skin, the trick is striking the right balance. Choose a medium-weight moisturizer that maintains but doesn’t add oil to your skin. It’s also worth noting that people with sensitive skin should avoid any irritating ingredients such as alcohol, dyes and fragrances. 

The Best Men’s Face Care Routines

To get the best effect from your new moisturizer, you should put a good skincare routine in place. Start with clean skin by removing surface dirt from the area where you are going to apply the moisturizer. It is a good idea from time to time to use an exfoliator beforehand, such as a face scrub or exfoliating face wash. This is a more abrasive face wash, designed to remove dead skin cells from your skin, and it should be used prior to applying a top men’s moisturizer. Without this, you will find that the layer of dead skin cells will absorb the moisturizer, negating its effects on your living skin. Washing and scrubbing allows the men’s moisturizer to penetrate the skin’s surface. However, you should only exfoliate a few times a week. More than this could irritate the skin and over-stimulate oil production. Also, try using a milder soap to help your skin retain its essential oils. This means generally that you will need to use less moisturizer, saving time and money. As an alternative, you can find mild face washes which don’t strip oils but will instead gently remove dirt. Before bed at night, apply a night-time lotion to lock in moisture and repair the skin barrier. This should give you better-looking skin the next morning. During the day, always seek shade and limit your UV exposure, as this is one of the leading causes of skin aging.