Deal With Stress, Stop Your Migraines And Health Issues

Stress is a huge problem for so many people, from work and homelife, it affects millions of us. This has an impact on the body and can take many forms depending on what you’re predisposed to. It will attack the most vulnerable parts of your body and if you’re someone who struggles with migraines, then this can certainly have an affect on this. From time to time a migraine will kick in, and it can be exceptionally debilitating. Without knowing what causes your migraines and how to combat them, it can be daunting and take away from your daily life, leaving you drained and unable to do anything. Certain headaches can be caused even by ear issues, such as Tinnitus. Hearing loss and eye troubles can also contribute to migraines because of their proximity. The best hearing aids will be able to assist this.

The key causes of migraines are stress, hormones or eye strains. Women tend to get migraines or can suffer with general headaches around the time of her period. Stress, this is just sometimes unavoidable but trying tricks like yoga and meditation, can really assist your stress levels. To avoid any problems with your eyes, ensure that you get your eyes tested yearly. It may be that you need glasses or stronger lenses, it may be connected with overtiredness or a bug, but it’s best to get things checked.

Ways To Help

  • Cool dark room – expel as much light as you can, wear an eye mask in bed if you bed to and keep it cool. The migraine can get worse in the heat so keep a fan on in the room and be sure that you have the lights off or low, look at certain coloured lights that could be good for this and keep you calm as bright yellow ones can affect the eyes in a negative way. 
  • Medicate – try over the counter remedies, or look at and independent pharmacy for some other options for effective migraine relief. You could also try to look at new medicines, if you usually take paracetamol, try aspirin. Always be sure to find out what medications are good for you if you are taking other medications as you don’t want to mix something that may make your tummy upset or make your headache worse. There are also lots of things you can use such as cooling pads or heating pads depending on which works best for you and this way you can try and get a little bit of relief but it can be easier said than done and sleep helps. 
  • Exercise – if you feel up to it, allow yourself to get up and try to do a little bit of exercise. This will get the blood flowing and you may start to feel a little better. This can be a little jog, or a walk, perhaps even swimming, and it can aid. It will also be good for your fitness which in turn will allow your body to be calmer and more rested when you are in a relaxed state. 
  • Avoid caffeine & stock up on vitamins – may seem obvious but some people think the caffeine will wake them up a little and therefore perk them up but this isn’t always the case. Definitely opt for some healthy options, salmon, vegies, any food with magnesium in is very good. Anything that is full of healthy fats can help because it promotes good brain health and blood which will help your headache. Of course when we have a headache it is most often our scalps that are hurting, or even our temples and sinuses, the brain itself does not feel pain but if it is unusually bad for you then be sure to seek immediate help and do not waste time especially if it is coupled with other symptoms such as a fever or vomiting.  Don’t just put it down to stress
  • Hydrate – drink plenty! We forget to do this usually when we do feel OK and the effects can be very bad. Keep up your fluids, this will really help also and get some rest! You can opt for other types of drink such as coconut water and watermelon water which are incredibly hydrating but juices tend not to be as good for you in this situation. 

So here are some of your tips to keep healthier and happier when a migraine strikes! Don’t allow your life to be dictated by migraines any longer and be sure to try all of the above to feel better quicker!