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The Anatomy Of The Perfect Bedroom

You probably know what a good bedroom looks like. But do you know how to make the one you have perfect?

If you’re not quite sure, this post is for you. In it, we take a look at some of the essential elements all great bedrooms have in common. Check them out below. 

Layered Bedding

Layered bedding might seem unnecessary, but it is actually extremely useful if you live in a variable climate. Plus, it makes your rooms look great, too. 

Think about it. A bed with just a couple of pillows and a single duvet looks a little sparse. Sure, it’s functional, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot. 

Layered bedding, on the other hand, always looks good, no matter what angle you see it from. Textured pillows and sheets complement each other naturally. 

Air Conditioning

For most of the year, the challenge is to stay warm. However, in the summer, things can get really hot. Strangely, though, many of us never invest in air conditioning, even though we spend weeks in the summer tossing and turning struggling to get to sleep. 

Reading air conditioning FAQ’s can help you learn more about these systems. But the bottom line is this: AC improves sleep and makes you healthier at the same time. The cooler you are at night, the better your body is able to regulate itself (and get deep sleep). 

A Rug

If your bedroom has a hard floor, such as tile or hardwood, a rug is essential. You want something soft to put your feet on when you get out of bed early in the morning. 

Make sure that the rug you buy adds texture, color, and patterns to your bedroom. Choose something that complements the other items in the room. Pick a rug that’s the right size for the space, leaving some of the underlying flooring visible. 

Great Curtains

You can’t have the perfect bedroom without great curtains. That’s because, unlike in other rooms of the house, they perform multiple functions, including helping you get to sleep. 

Always insist on blackout curtains in the bedroom. Don’t accept anything less. With blackouts, you can make sure that your body doesn’t receive light signals from street lamps, telling it to wake up in the middle of the night. 

Better Lighting

At the same time, you want your bedroom to have good lighting when you are awake. Having the right light is important. 

If you can, layer the lighting in your bedroom, then do so. Overhead lamps, desk lamps, and lamps on your bedside tables can all help create a cozy atmosphere. 

Also, equip your bedroom with yellow or orange-tinted LEDs. Don’t use conventional white bulbs as these will keep you awake at night. 

Use A Storage Dresser

Lastly, we recommend that you get a storage dresser to minimize clutter and create extra surface space for other items you need. If you have space for a second dresser, add it. The more you have, the more options you’ll have for how you use your bedroom. 

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