The Big Pet Trends You Could Consider For Your Fury Pals

There are some amazing benefits to having a pet. Whether that is a fun-loving dog or a loyal cat, a small pet or a big pet, it can be extremely rewarding to have a pet as part of your family. There is a lot to look after a pet from making sure a dog has a regular exercise, to keeping a close eye on the amount of time they spend on their own. While many pet owners know exactly how to look after their pet, not much has changed over the years. But what has changed is the trends associated with pet ownership. There is an element of wanting to meet our pets every need, and these days a pet is so much more than an animal, they simply become part of the family. I thought I would share with you some of the latest trends for pets this year. 

Wearable technology for your pets

There has been a real increase in wearable technology for us as humans. There are things like GPS trackers, there are fitness apps that can track how much you exercise and your heart rate, and there are even tech you can wear that enables you to read your text messages, answer the phone and remind you of appointments. So again is it really a surprise that this wearable technology trend has extended to our beloved pet animals? You can now add GPS trackers to your dogs, set up pet cameras,  use tech to monitor activity on walks, etc, the list goes on and on and this seems to be a real growing market as well. Perhaps the main goal might be to target pet obesity, which can be seen as a real growing concern amongst our beloved pets these days, what do you think? Is it crazy or a worthwhile investment?

Fancy taking your pet to their very own retreat?

Fancy a staycation somewhere nice, or a holiday where you don’t have to leave your beloved pet behind? There is now an answer to this ongoing dilemma with more establishments becoming pet friendly and even finding locations, hotels and villas that are specific to people bringing their pets. These holiday locations often offer sitters for your pet as well as activities that you and your pet can enjoy together. You could even take your pet on holiday with you if you wanted. You can click to find out more about the transport side of things and what is involved. This is a growing market and more holiday locations are making it easier than ever for people to bring along their pets. 

Ever heard of dog yoga?

Finally, you may be thinking this is slightly crazy but you have read right, dogs for yoga is a thing. It’s a way of ensuring that your pet pooch is calm and relaxed and it can actually be a great thing to do together. We see gatherings in the park for fitness and yoga, maybe the next trend will see you attending these sorts of classes together and more people will be interested in doing it. 

So, what will you try?