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Tips For Giving Thoughtful Gifts During The Festive Season

Tips For Giving Thoughtful Gifts During The Festive Season

The festive season is here! And this is the time to connect with loved ones while having a great time. It’s also a season to offer gifts to people around you. However, it’s not uncommon for people to have challenges choosing the right presents. And the likelihood of your pals not liking your gift is high. Statistics indicate that approximately 62% of Americans lied about liking their gifts. Fortunately, the right strategies can help you choose the right gifts, so keep this in mind. Here are a few worth considering. 

  • Be bold and ask your loved ones what they want

Knowing the right presents to give doesn’t have to be difficult; you can get your answer from your potential recipients. You must only work up the courage to ask them what they want. Admittedly, people shy away from this because they might lose the surprise element. However, it is better than giving something your loved ones won’t appreciate. If you still want to surprise them, you can subtly ask them what their ideal gift is. Or you can speak to their close friends to determine what they like. 

  • Pay attention to cues 

If you find it weird to ask them, you can watch out for verbal and non-verbal cues. People always give hints of what they appreciate and dislike, and observing them can help you make the right decisions. And you can achieve this in many ways. When you step out with them, take mental or literal notes of what catches their attention. Alternatively, pay attention to your conversations; if they mention a particular thing frequently with delight, you can be sure that it will make a great gift. 

  • Offer practical gifts 

Admittedly, some gifts can be flashy and even expensive. However, they are useless if your recipients can’t use them. Worse, these presents can be more burdensome. Therefore, it’s advisable to offer practical gifts to prevent disappointments. Consequently, you can invest in items they can use in specific situations. For example, your male friends and loved ones can appreciate graphic hoodies men options since they can offer warmth and comfort during cold weather. You can also gift things that address their current situation. Coupons and gift cards can work well if they struggle with their finances, so keep this in mind. 

  • Gift Experiences 

If you’ve been gifting physical items, you may want to up your game by gifting experiences instead. Research shows that experiences dominate the gifting industry, and for good reasons. Not only do they strengthen your relationships, but they can be the highest form of personalized gifts. Therefore, you want to consider this if you haven’t already. As a tip, tailor your gifts according to what they love doing. For instance, a MasterChef class can be great if they enjoy good meals, so keep this in mind. Likewise, a skydiving session can please your adventurous friends. However, ensure that your gift wouldn’t cause them any inconvenience. For instance, you don’t want to sign them up for wine-tasting sessions if they drive the whole day to get there.


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