Travelling With A Baby? Here’s The List Of Things You Don’t Want To Forget!

Traveling is one of the little pleasures in life, and if you are super lucky, you get to travel with your whole family to brand new places that you’ve never discovered before. While traveling with the family is a fun time for all, it’s also stressful and busy, and there is a strong possibility you’re going to forget something. 

Traveling with an infant is pretty much a test of patience and character, and while it’s tough, it’s by no means permanent! Your journeys will always be temporary, so it’s best to get the list down of things that you don’t want to forget as early as possible to make things easier. So, with that in mind, let’s check out a list of things that you don’t want to forget before you travel! 

  1. Check the rules of travel before you fly. Most airlines allow parents to bring the infant or toddler formula they need in unlimited amounts in their hold luggage, but a limited amount in hand luggage. If you know what the amounts are, you can be prepared for security checks! Forewarned is forearmed and all that!
  2. Choose the right seats for your flight. If you are bringing a toddler and going long-haul, the last thing that you want to have to do is sit a toddler on your lap for a journey lasting hours. You want to make sure that you select seats that are comfortable for the whole family, and you can also book the flight bassinet if you are bringing a tiny baby. You can only book this for bulkhead seating, so make sure that you have chosen the right seats before you go.
  3. Pack well before the flight so that you can be prepared. There are extra charges for car seats and strollers with some airlines, and it’s important that you know the charges before you fly. No surprises is always better!
  4. You’ll need to pack some entertainment for the baby, whether you load a tablet with cartoons or you bring a pack of bubbles and some toys and books for the main flight. You need to keep your baby happy and calm through the flight for your comfort more than the comfort of everyone else!
  5. Book a cot for your hotel room before you go. When your hotel asks you for the ages of each guest, it’s easy for them to assume your toddler will be in a normal bed. If you prefer a cot, call ahead and have one placed into the room before you arrive – it makes life so much easier if there are limited numbers of travel cots.
  6. Do you need extra shots for going to your new destination? Speak to your doctor about any they may need before you go. The last thing you would want is to leave your child unprotected in a new country.


Traveling with a baby is an adventure, but it’s one that will go well if you are well-prepared for it. Enjoy your vacation: it’s going to be a blast.