Ways To Get Five Minutes Peace As A Parent

I truly love my children, and love being around them.   As a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure that they get everything they need, and take care of them every single day. But this can be quite a tiring task, when we get to the end of the day with no time for ourselves, and are so exhausted which means we have to go straight to bed.  This isn’t always great for us. Making sure that we take a little bit of time for ourselves occasionally is important. It can help prevent stress, improve our overall enjoyment of life. And not only that, but it makes us better parents believe it or not. If we take some time out to get a little bit of space from our children, it can often mean that we have a fresh view of things, and can make much better parenting decisions. So here are a few ways in which you can gain a few minutes peace and quiet here and there.


There are many studies around currently that show us how screen time for our children can be damaging. And there is no doubt that this is the case if there is too much time spent on screens. But as long as children are getting an F exercise, a well-balanced diet, and are happy, then a few minutes here and there on an electronic device, can give us some much-needed space. Ultimately if you don’t take some time and you become very stressed, then you will end up becoming a much less attentive parent. having a look at IPTV tutorial on troypoint.com can help you work out a great way of showing your children films and TV. You could even show them your old favorites from when you were a child with some of the vintage shows available. And at the end of the day kids are incredibly energetic, and it does them some good to sit down for a while. Whilst the children are entertained on their electronic devices you can Happily sit down with a warm drink and know that they are perfectly happy.


Whether it’s online shopping, food shopping, or birthday gift shopping, taking a little time to have a coffee, and really browse the stores, can make a big difference. Dropping the children at a grandparents house, or asking your partner to watch them for a while whilst you go shopping is a mini luxury. Many parents admit that they enjoy shopping on their own, and are perfectly happy to “pop to the shop“ to pick up some supplies. Just remember when choosing this option to look after yourself and not spend all of your money on the children, As parents tend to do sometimes.

Making your OWN space

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t make a sacred space in your house. Many people choose to have a rule that if mom or dad is taking time out for themselves, then they must be allowed to do so. If you have turned your bedroom into a relaxing area, then taking yourself off there with a book and relaxing with some music for an hour here or there, can feel like a mini holiday. It sounds extreme but these refreshing options are important for us.