Wedding Costs You Need To Consider

When you start planning your wedding, there are a lot of costs that you will take into consideration. The venue, how much you need to spend to get the dress or suits that you want and how much should you spend on a wedding ring

But there are some costs that might be flying under the radar – and you might not be prepared for. 

Ahead of the wedding

There are costs that we tend to pay as they arise ahead of the wedding, and since they’re covered as you go – they tend to not be factored into the final spend. 


If you have your bridesmaids and flower girls in mind, then the chances are they mean something to you. They are special and you want to do something special for them. Get creative with how you ask them or invite everyone to a big meal to celebrate and ask. 


If there was ever a time that spa visits and beauty treatments were a must, it is in the run-up to a wedding. You already likely have a budget n mind for the makeup and hair on the big day. But what about the cut and color a few weeks in advance? Are you going to be getting some massages to release all of the pre-wedding tension? 


The marriage license doesn’t cost a lot, but it is another thing that you need to factor into your costs ahead of the big day. In some states, you won’t receive a copy once it has been filled, so you’ll need to pay for that. 


Not everyone takes out wedding insurance, but it can be a costly mistake if you skip it. In a world where businesses go bust with little to no warning – you don’t want to fall victim to those costs. Imagine that your cake maker goes bust just days before the wedding. You don’t have a cake, and you lose the money. You’ll need to fork out a replacement. 

Wedding insurance can help you tackle anything that goes wrong. 


It is not uncommon for the wedding party to lose or gain weight in the run-up to the wedding. The initial alterations might be a few weeks in advance, but booking another day before the wedding is essential. Giving the seamstress time to make sure everything fits perfectly. 


Even though you and your party do their best, there is some damage to the venue, something goes missing, or an incident. You are going to be fitting the bill for it. Perhaps extra people arrive, and some last-minute changes need to be made to the seating and the number of guests you need to feed. 

The package you selected with the photographer only includes a select number of images, but you have fallen in love with at least ten more over your agreed package. You will need to pay for those additional images and pay again if you want them printed or turned into artwork by the photographer. 

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