Why Do Your Pipes Leak All The Time

Why Do Your Pipes Leak All The Time?

It’s a plumbing issue that’s been around for a long time, yet it’s still a problem in many houses today. A leaking pipe can definitely be a pricey issue, and if you’ve tried everything to fix the problem, there could be a much bigger issue at play that will need to be addressed. Read on to find out what might be causing your ever-leaking pipes so you can get the problem fixed and stop worrying about leaks and the problems they cause. 

The Water Is Too Hot

Although you might assume the problem is with your pipes if you have a constant leak, could it actually be the faucets instead (and, in particular, your hot water faucets)? It’s worth checking because this will require a different fix to a leaking pipe, and the reason behind the leak in your tap could be your water temperature. 

Many faucet rubber washers will begin to soften and loosen as a consequence of having your water temperature too high, resulting in greater energy and water costs. As a result, the faucets might become stiff, and the effort required to turn them on or off can create leakage.

The Water Pressure Is Too High 

Another setting that might lead to excessive damage is high water pressure. Most pipelines and faucets are intended to tolerate a particular amount of pressure, and excessive pressure may cause them to break down or leak. As a general rule of thumb, the water pressure should not exceed 60 psi. This could affect how well your shower and other plumbing functions if you go too low, so strike a balance between the two.

If you’re having difficulties with this, it’s worth having an expert look into it for you. With the proper plumbing installation, there are ways to reduce the pressure in your home without affecting how well your shower and faucets do their job. 

The Pipes Are Old 

Most pipes will need to be replaced at some point, but many older homes still have cast iron pipes that, although sturdy, may be beginning to fail on you. Replacing cast iron toilet flanges and pipes with newer counterparts might be the answer. Cracks can appear in these pipes as they age, and many pipe cleaning chemicals include sulfuric acid, which eats straight through the iron, and therefore leaks will occur. Replacing your pipes is a big job, but it will be worth doing to prevent leaks and improve the functionality of your home. 

Your Drains Are Blocked

If the leaks seem to be occurring at random, it is most likely that a clogged drain is to blame. The majority of blockages can be eliminated with your regular drain cleaning solution, however certain drains can’t be completely cleared with this cleaner. Hydro jets and other procedures may be required to remove the blockage. If your drain is clogged, you’ll notice that your sinks and toilets aren’t flushing properly.

An Issue Beneath Your Property 

Over time, the foundations of a property can shift, causing new fractures in the plumbing to form. The roots of nearby trees can also penetrate the house and the subterranean pipe system if they are close enough. Squeezing or damaging these pipes may potentially cause serious damage throughout the drainage system.