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Why Mexican Food Is The Best!

Unless you are a meat and potatoes-only type of eater, the chances are you like to explore the flavors of world foods. Italian, French, Asian, Caribbean, and Mexican food packs a flavor that comes in waves as you each. Mexican offers something interesting with twists of fresh limes, deep umami flavorings, creamy sauces, and so much more. 

But what is it about Mexican food that has us in the kitchen trying to perfect our tacos or enjoying Mexican tv dinners?


One of the most wonderful things about food is that it brings us back to the roots of a country. The rich sweet tomatoes, delicious well-cooked meats, cilantro, bay leaves, and even the sides.  

But there is something about Mexican food that is more relaxed

You can learn a lot about the culture of Mexico through the food. Watching just a few Mexican food programs will give you an insight into recipes that have been passed down through generations. 


We know that we should aim to eat a balanced diet, something that has all of the food groups in it and is fresh too. You might not know that almost all Mexican dishes offer fresh ingredients from each food group! So you are getting one of the most balanced and nutritionally sound meals around. 

You’ll find fresh vegetables, fresh meat, freshly made bread items, fresh sides – and, you guessed it, fresh juices made with fresh fruits! Proteins, veggies, and grains in every meal


Mexican food, even when cooked fresh in a restaurant or from one of the incredible street vendors the food is affordable. Value for money is something that all families and solo eaters are looking for, and the level of flavor and freshness makes Mexican food a no-brainer. 


If you like hot, spicy, and meaty food, there is a dish for you – but if you like it mild and packed with flavor, there is something for you there too! Tacos, taquitos, flautas, enchiladas, there are so many options. And the sides offer up even more flavor to enjoy. 

Dips and additions like guacamole or cilantro lime crema mean even after you have picked your initial dish, you can make it unique to your tastes.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Mexican dish that isn’t brimming with flavors. When you step into a Mexican restaurant, walk past a street food cart – or even cook it at home, the smell of the spices will have you salivating. 

Mexican food uses a lot of natural flavors, cooking techniques, and spices that elevate the dish to something that offers a depth of flavor that is hard to find in other styles of food. 

The fresh and dried herbs added and the measurements make Mexican food so unique and flavorful. 

If that has whet your appetite and you want to whip up something Mexican-inspired and delicious right now, here is a quick and easy recipe for you: Street Corn Inspired Recipes – Sunshine and Rollercoasters






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