Why Your Child Should Learn To Play The Piano

Many people wouldn’t think to buy their child a piano. A lot of parents think it would be a pointless buy as it would just sit in the corner unused, what child actually wants to play a piano? Well, you would be surprised. Once a child begins to learn to play this beautiful musical instrument they become mesmerized by the sounds it makes and they feel encouraged and intrigued to learn more. You will find your son or daughter sitting learning new tunes and developing their own sounds more often then you would imagine. 

Nevertheless, a child piano is not just a toy to be used for fun. Yes, it provides entertainment and is highly enjoyable but it also has many other benefits which will be highly useful for your child both now and later in life. 

Learning to play the piano will help your child at school. Many studies show that those children who play an instrument benefit in their school life and they generally obtain higher grades in their tests. Research also shows that children who play the piano specifically do better in math tests, particularly when dealing with questions involved ratios and fractions. It is surprising that something as simple as a child piano could be the key to improving your child’s academic performance. It can also help with their development and their hearing too. You can learn more about the latter online.

If your child learns to play the piano you will notice that their self-esteem and confidence will increase drastically. Every song mastered enhances a child’s self-belief and makes them feel extremely proud. This confidence is something they can use in all works of life and as they say “confidence is the key”. 

As well as a boost in self-esteem and academic performance learning to play this magical instrument will help a child to concentrate and increase their coordination skills. Learning to play the piano takes a lot of dedication, it will teach your child the importance of hard work in life. You have to focus a lot whilst producing a piece of music so your child will learn to concentrate better. With regards to coordination skills, this is perhaps the most obvious trait your child will develop as they have to use their brain, hands, feet, and eyes.\

Finally, whether your child plays the piano for a short time or a lifetime they will pick up skills that stay with them forever and they will become a better-rounded individual. It will open their mind to other paths in life, they may take a sudden liking to composing music, an appreciation for different types of music, and they may even take a liking to other instruments. Aside from the musical gains they will see that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, they will learn that hard work really does pay off, and they will experience the great feeling of achievement. Allowing your loved one to learn the child piano really does open the doors to success.