Brighten your kids lunch with the adorable Easter Bunny Cheese Sticks

This week my daughter was at gymnastics camp because school was out for spring break.  I had to pack a lunch for her each day, so I decided to make it super fun and put some special things in her lunch bag.  These Easter Bunny Cheese Sticks were a big hit with her and her friends.  She’s 5, so the 1st day she brought the wrapper home because she didn’t want to throw it away.  🙂  These are so easy to make!


● Cheese sticks
● Craft foam
● Small craft pom poms
● Glue
● Scissors
● Pencil
● Googly eyes
● Sharpie


1. Draw the shape of two small bunny ears on a piece of craft foam.

2. Cut out the bunny ear shapes from the craft foam with scissors.

3. Glue two of the bunny ears to the top of the back of the cheese stick, so that the rounded part of the stick is facing up.

4. Use glue to attach two googly eyes to the front of the cheese stick.

5. Under the eyes, glue one small craft pom pom for a nose.

6. Glue two other small craft pom poms just below the nose, one on either side.

7. Use a sharpie to draw a small semi-circle mouth below the nose of the bunny.