Beach Sensory Bin – Fun Sensory Play For Everyone

What is a sensory bin?  A sensory bin is a simple container filled with a preferred filler that kids can use for sensory play.  Our favorite fillers include play sand, birdseed, rice and water!   The container should be large enough to let your child explore without moving the filler out of the container.  A sensory bin can be easily switched for a unique or novel experience every time!

Let’s face it, kids love to get messy and they love the beach, so this Beach Sensory Bin is a huge hit!!  

Beach Sensory Bin


Play Sand


Blue Food Coloring (optional)

Large storage bin

Optional: toys, shovels, shells, etc.


    1. Pour enough play sand into the bin to fill up half of the space.
    2. Fill a pitcher with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Stir to blend the color into the water. Pour the blue water into the empty side of the bin.
    3. Add beach toys, shovels and shells into the bin. Kids can enjoy digging in the sand for shells, scooping up the sand, and splashing in the water with their hands.


The bin in the picture used approximately 25 pounds of play sand. I purchased a 50 pound bag of play sand at Lowe’s in the garden section for around $3.