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3 Great Methods Of Improving Your Drinking Habits

Alcohol is, in general, something that we’re better off avoiding as much as we can. There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks at the weekend, meeting up at a bar on the weekend to watch the sports game, or putting red wine in your Spaghetti Bolognese. However, you don’t have to have been a problem drinker to realize that limiting drinking, especially as you get older, is a great idea.

Some of the benefits of minimizing your alcohol intake are better sleep, better weight control, a total reduction in hangovers, and limiting the slight organ damage that can occur over time with regular consumption. Well, you’re probably sold on this anyway, and know that being responsible is a good idea here.

But how can you better control your relationship to alcohol at home? After all, if you don’t want to snack on sugary treats throughout the day to help you lose weight, then preventing their purchase and inventory in your home is a good idea. But are there better measures and habits you can implement as it relates to this particular hobby? Let’s consider that, below:

Focus On Curating The Best Drinks

A great way to reduce your intake while also improving the experience of your moderate consumption is to learn amazing drink recipes that are refreshing and take a little effort to make. This way, you can avoid simply drinking spirits neat or with ice, or opting for a cheap set of beers. With this recipe for a lemon drop martini, you can make something truly wonderful, delectable, and enjoyable by making the experience something to savor, not just the ABV percentage. The deliberate creative process will also limit overconsumption. Quality, over quantity, as it were.

Always Consider Great Pairings

It’s worthwhile to consider great pairings with food as you drink, not only so you are able to provide some substance to your digestive system before drinking, but because this can help you get involved in the social tradition instead of simply drinking for drinking’s sake. A wonderful cheese and charcuterie board paired with a wonderful bottle of wine can be a great way to go through the evening. Alternatively, beautiful fruits can add something special to your delectable sweet tooth. With pairings, drinks become part of the journey, not the sole part of it.

Make Your Own!

We’ve shared the recipe for an excellent martini above, but it can also be nice to prepare your own drinks from scratch if you get the chance. A beer making kit that you have to ferment, filter, bottle or cork yourself can be a nice way to add some real craft to the process, with some low-ABV beer bottle craft or even a mini cask for your own whisky creation. A nice investment like this, and limiting yourself to it, keeps your quantities small and your creative inspiration thoroughly cultivated.

With this advice, you’re certain to improve your drinking habits in the most deliberate, healthy fashion.

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