3 Mom Habits That Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

Recent stats from the CDC confirms that women are more likely to experience back pain than men. This is even more likely to be the case when you’re a busy mom, who may have developed some poor daily habits that could be slowly harming your health. Back pain is highly uncomfortable regardless of whether it’s mild or chronic, and it prevents you from enjoying your daily activities. So, what mom habits have you been engaging in that could be causing pain and discomfort in your back? Here are a few to reflect on.

  • Working from a laptop in bed

Let’s face it: sometimes, you need a few minutes to get some work done. Although you may have a workspace area at home, your family can be a bit of a distraction. So, the ideal space to get your much-deserved peace and focus may be your bedroom. In addition to this, your bed may seem like a comfortable space to sit and get your work done. This may seem like a great temporary solution, but the effects can be long-lasting. Sitting on the bed to work puts you in a semi-reclined position or forces you to bend over. Both postures are not great for your back as they apply significant stress and pressure on it. If you really must work in bed, giving yourself much-needed back support with extra people is advisable to help you sit in a better posture. You can also use an adjustable mini desk, which sits perfectly on your lap to prevent you from bending over. 

  • Lifting incorrectly

From carrying your children to helping move heavy furniture from one place to another, there is always a need for life when you’re a mom. However, doing so incorrectly can have dire consequences. In fact, a common cause of back pain is incorrect lifting. When you lift heavy items incorrectly, you risk spraining or tearing muscles. It can also cause the herniation of your lumbar spine. So, how do you ensure you correctly lift items, especially heavier ones? First, you must remember the saying, ladies: lift with your legs and not your back! When lifting items, be sure to get your strength by bending your knees and using the strength in your legs. You should also keep your back straight and avoid twisting. If the item seems too heavy, you are better off not lifting it to prevent injury. Additionally, should you experience pain in your spine after lifting a heavy object, you should visit a reputable chiropractor for spinal decompression to alleviate the pain. 

  • Little to no exercise

Sure, you may run around occasionally, ensuring your children are ready for school and getting to the office on time. But how often do you make the conscious effort to treat your body to an exercise routine? The lack of exercise makes the muscles in your back weak and stiff. This leads to less flexibility, making you susceptible to back pain and other bad habits such as poor posture. Fortunately, you can change this by working out throughout the week, especially abdominal strengthening exercises