4 Barriers Of Attempting To Protect Your Elderly Parents’ Health

As a parent yourself, you’re hardwired to want to help the people you love. When it comes to your mom and dad, you owe them big time. After all, they sacrificed a lot so that you can enjoy the life you have today.

Therefore, it’s only right that you step in when they reach an age that makes taking care of their health tough. They are still independent, yet there are some aspects of their routine that they require assistance with.

You may want to jump in head first, but there are barriers you should understand before you do. The four biggest ones are underneath.


Health and wellbeing come at a cost, regardless of age. Sure, your parents won’t need a gym membership, yet a lot of their care could be specialized. From medicines to carers, you’ll need extra resources to put their minds and bodies first. Of course, many households don’t have the cash to spare, which is a horrible predicament. Thankfully, the answer is pretty straightforward since you can hire a family member to care for you in the US. As long as the person is a child relative, or friend – AKA you – they receive the caregiver money to offset the financial implications.

Safety & Security

In the end, your mom and dad can always move in with your family. It’ll be tight, but you’ll make do because you love your parents. Space aside, there is another glaring elephant in the room – safety. Your property won’t be suited to disabled or non-able-bodied people, which means it may be a fall risk. The last thing you want is to do more harm than good, so it’s essential to analyze your house and target the most dangerous areas. For example, you’ll need a stairlift so that they can get up and down the stairs. Other than that, you could have to install a downstairs bathroom.

Your Relationship

Helping others is a thankless task. You’re not in it for the praise, yet it doesn’t mean you can deal with arguments and insults regularly. To take care of your parents’ health and not get a thank you – it happens – can be annoying and cause your emotions to boil over. Of course, if your relationship with your parents is healthy, these occasions will be few and far between. However, if you clash, there may be a lot of tension that gets in the way. The key is to bite your tongue and learn to be patient.

Me Time

You can probably tell from the above that you won’t have much time for yourself. No. it isn’t selfish to think about your wants and needs because you’re only human. Without a break to relax and unwind, how you feel will impact every area of your life, from your relationship with your parents to your partner and children. Therefore, it’s vital that you factor in “me” time. For instance, if you have siblings, you should organize weekly excursions to focus on your life.

Are you ready to take on the responsibility?