Aging Disgracefully! (How To Have The Best Time Of Your Life At Any Time In Life!)

This is the sign you have been waiting for. The sign that says it’s OK to age disgracefully. To have as much as, if not more fun than you did in your 20’s! In fact, you really can live your best life at any time in life. Something that the advice below can help you achieve. 

Retraining not retiring 

If you are dreading retiring and being stuck in the house with nothing to do all day, there’s no need to panic. In fact, instead of stopping work, you can use the gift of time that you gain back in later life to do something else instead. 

One idea is to pick an area that has always interested you and retrain in that. Either, to work at formally part-time, or so you can be a volunteer. 

Of course, you may want to head back to school and take that a BA in anthropology you’ve always longed to study. Alternatively, you may wish to immerse yourself in a creative environment by studying a fine art Masters! After all, heading back into education can not only be a lot of fun but also provide plenty of mental stimulation and social interaction as well. 

Making your life meaningful

Next, when it comes to aging disgracefully, it’s crucial that you continue to do things that are meaningful in life. Of course, meaning isn’t something that can be dictated to an individual, and it will be up to them to find it. 

Although, activities such as being involved with causes that help the community like homeless shelters, reading programs, or even fostering, can be a fantastic idea. 

Look your best 

Just because you have a few years on the clock, doesn’t mean that you need to show it. In fact, with the advances in health and beauty technology that are around, aging someone by the way they look is becoming a much harder task. 

Of course, anyone interested in looking their best no matter what their age should take advantage of this tech. With things like these behind the ear hearing aids being particularly useful. Not to mention, almost invisible. 

Then there are the skin-plumping and wrinkle eliminating serums that can have an instant tautening effect on the face. Something that makes it impossible to guess the user’s age. 

Be healthy 

A lot of posts about aging go into how you can only expect your health to worsen as you get older. However, I believe that you can be healthy at any age and that a slow decline towards the grave isn’t necessarily inevitable. 

In fact, by doing some fundamental things such as eating nutritious food, and limiting your alcohol intake, it is totally possible to be healthy well into old age. Although, it won’t hurt your health to keep exercising, make sure that you stay on top of any health issues that do pop up either. 

After all, being healthy in old age is crucial as it will ensure you have plenty of energy to age as disgracefully as you like!